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  1. I know I'm sorry I started this thread wrong let's just have a clean sheet again. I acknowledge the ways of cracking you told me about but my question in a hypothetical AP with WPA2 protection and no clients or wps enabled but you know the pass is an 8-digit numerical password(to make the possibilities as low as possible) is there a way to crack it?
  2. Fine I cracked my router after considerable amount of reaver and mdk3 attacks because of AP locking, after that I found out that the PSK is just an 8 digit long number which I believe a bruteforce to it(where there is no clients or a way to get a handshake) could reduce the time needed, Is there's a way to do that?? Thanks
  3. There is no point of lying now, I WAS tempted to use his network but I won't try to use it anymore. I came here only seeking knowledge for my question and I understand if don’t want to help me Thanks
  4. I do not want to wreak havoc or steal sensitive info I swear, I just wanted to leech on some fast Internet (which sadly is the same speed as mine, I guess upgrading is both expensive to him and me) all what it got me is an idea of a direct bruteforce attack and it's stuck in my head. I know I would be pissed off to if someone leeches on my crappy connection too and I will leave him alone, Sorry if I caused any problem
  5. After four months of relentless persistence I finally was able to bruteforce my neighbor WPS pin, After spending days of AP lock and figuring out the precise x:y Values I found that the WPA PSK is 8-digit number(like all other PSKs) but it got me thinking, What if I did a direct bruteforce to PSK. I don’t know if the AP could actually lock that (hence no new device can connect even with the right pass) but if we talk about 200 tries/day I think it can be cracked in a guaranteed 55 days (11000/200) I'm newbie at this stuff so please is there a script for that or my theory is stupid-wrong Thanks
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