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  1. OK. I assumed that the heuristics engine leerns from your machine. It appears I was mistalen. Thanks!
  2. Or if I commented out anything I could have left intact.
  3. I apologize for not explaining this better. As mw3demo has pointed out, yes the AV companies DO already have signatures for these viruses. However, I simply worked with the code I could find. These files are more of a proof of concept than anything else. Eventually, I plan to find some newer viruses, or write them myself, and then transform those into vaccines as well. These were simply a "practice run" on the most readily available virus code at the moment. So, actually, the thing that would be the most helpful would be if you could look at the C code file and let me know if I missed anything dangerous.
  4. Allright! v0.1.1 is now live! I've added the file descriptions to README.md. I've also fixed some code in the two MiniPig files.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I'll probably start on the next version in a few days, so check back soon. -A
  6. Hello people of Hak5!! I have been researching computer viruses and the human immune system recently and I have built some software that act like a "digital vaccine," training your antimalware software's heuristics engine to better recognize malware. I would love it if you guys would look at it and give me some feedback. You can find my software on GitHub at https://github.com/alpal23/Digital-Draught. Thanks! -A
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