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  1. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the tips, i tried some of them, but not seem to work, i am running a Mac Air OS X Yosemite. Everytime i do some changes i am loosing internet connection and not able to reach It took me so much time to figure out how it could work, even with all the great tips on the forum, yesterday i had to go to the Mac store, because i was not able to connect to the internet everywhere anymore :( So I just bought yesterday a cheap Windows laptop, and than it is working fine. I would rather to use my Mac (because windos 8.1 is ugly :) ) I am not so technical, so doing something with the library, scripts or doing something with: 'fconfig: interface bridge100 does not exis" is not my cup of tea. ‚ÄčI was wondering if someone is willing to make screenshots of all the necessary steps and where on a Mac all steps should be done. A real dummy proof step by step plan with screenshots would really help me out, so i can stop working on a Windows computer :) I hope someone could make time for Mac dummies like me... Thanks in advange.
  2. I just recently bought the Wifi Pineapple Mark V (via UK) and i am using a Mac Air OS X Yosemite, first 2 days 'everything' worked fine, after that is was running slow and facing problems connecting to If i got a connection and could login, fusions did not load or half?! Or was spinning and spinning around...( i have installed the latest Firmware) Later i was not able to connect to at all, i have watched a lot of video's and red many tips, but it was not helping me to fix the issue. It was making me nuts, so i decided to buy a cheap Windows laptop, but even with this new laptop i am not able to connect to anymore? Does anyone is facing the same problems with a Mac Air OS X Yosemite? Or does anyone could help me out? Is it possible (because of the Mac Air problems) that even on a different device (Windows) is am not able to connect anymore to from my IP or other IP? All suggestions or tips are welcome!
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