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  1. Sorry, did not see the date.
  2. Watch David Bombal and Network Chuck's Youtube channels. They both talk about this and give great ideas on how to do just that. Good Luck. How I started was working in a computer doing repair work and phone support, next onsite repair work, moved to online and phone help desk, then assisted in red team work and learned how. Watched a lot of videos and read a lot of books. Never stop learning because it is always changing.
  3. Thank you @scrlptclddlefor the awesome and informative writeup.
  4. What i did for one of my Rubber Ducky's is measure down from the end of the drive down to the button on the USB male end of the board with calipers. I put the drive back in the case, then measured that again and took a hot paperclip and made a hole in the case. This way I do not have to take the case apart to select the reset button. I mainly use it on my testing drive not my field drive.
  5. The way my brain is interpreting this is that that when the USB drive is missing, for the program to keep collecting the keystrokes this moves from being a keylogger attack from a HID to actual malware. It would need to be installed on the system and get past the AV being used. If this is your machine then go ahead and install a keylogger. However, if this is not your system, even if this is an ethical event it most likely is out of scope.
  6. Well I do like how much lighter the Mk VII is.
  7. Also can watch Bandwidth usage, upload and downloads rates, times of usage (I.E. if data is flowing when no one is home or awake) as well as scheduling all system updates during early morning hours to prevent false reading.
  8. I had the same issue. For some reason it did not work on a Kali VM but it did when I experimented and did a full install of Kali. Which bugs me since I do not want Kali and my main distro. I tried several other wifi adapter till I found one that worked for my LT. I went back later and tried new/updated driver and like @chrizree states about RTL8812. I finally got the original adapter to work. I like the rang of the newer wifi adapter better so gave my old one away.
  9. So last night we had some family and friends over for my niece getting her Orange Belt in Karate. My office should have been off limits but I did not have the door closed and next thing I knew the kids were playing a card game with my unopened Get Loot deck I had on the shelf next to my Hacker Board game. I was a bit pissed but I thought it was not a big deal I would just get another deck. The page is no longer in the Products section. You can still get to the page by Googling the name then following the link but it is sold out. Since it is no longer listed on the main site, is it going away? Gone? I did enter my email address to be notified when it comes back in stock but I feel I might be waiting for a long while. Get Loot! - A Card Game for Hackers (and normal people too) - Hak5 Does anyone with knowledge (Hak5 team) know if this is gone or coming back. I would really like a replacement deck for my hack related shelf.
  10. Why not just use a BashBunny and get the PW creds to unlock it so you can go in and just download the Text Messages?
  11. I honestly think the best way to start learning Hacking is to learn N+ and maybe S+ first. Depending on your knowledge level you might even need to start at A+. You may get to know hacking without it but without a good working knowledge of those topics (how networks work, or how security protocols are setup) you will live life being a script kiddie. Basically copy and paste or using someone else's work. Even learning how to use Kali or Parrot. Do you just want to push a button and the machine does the work or do you want to understand what that machine is doing in the background.
  12. @chrizree I know it is what it is. Was actually wondering what the thought process behind it was and to see how others are working around this. I will be making a cyberdeck that will have all this taken care of. Thank you for your reply as well @b0N3z
  13. Are you asking for a specific Hak5 CE or the CE marking in general? I do see a CE marking on the bottom on my Pineapple(s) / Signal Owl / Screen Crab / and Lan Turtle <'\33\>{
  14. Yeah those batteries are not easy to find. I did find one by accident with a gray case in a clearance rack of a Office Depot store once. I have since moved on from them. In my opinion, they are a bit heavy. These are the batteries I us. I like them because they are lighter than the Juice, plus can recharge by sunlight) Hope putting a link is not discouraged. (If not aloud by Admin, I will delete this post) Amazon.com: Power Bank Soxono Solar Charger 30000 mAh, Slimmest and Lightest Portable Charger, 2 USB Ports High-Speed Panel External Battery for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and More : Cell Phones & Accessories
  15. The Case Mod is for the Basic or tactical Pineapples. Can not Use them without the Pineapple itself. Basically you remove the outer top cover of the Pineapples case to put on the Case Mod which is a cutout of the Radioactive symbol. It also comes with yellow Plexiglas for under the cutout. Then there is the light MOD that you can add to the Case Mod to have those cut outs have lights glowing through them.
  16. Why no WAN or SD card slot? Yes I can attach to the USB port but I do not like having to take an adapter for each thing I want to do. Now I have to have a USB drive , USB to WAN adapter on a USB hub. Trying to be as discrete as possible (If they ignore the box with 3 antennas sticking out. Now there is a table full of adapters and gadgets across the table top.
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