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  1. When it is off: short 8 and 6 for a split second, and it should begin to boot When it is on: short 8 and 6 for a split second, and it should begin the shutdown process (depends, but usually this is the case) When it is on: short 8 and 6 for like 4 second, and you will do a forced shutdown, if you keep it shorted it'll loop: boot -> forced shutdown -> boot -> forced shutdown...
  2. It was complicated enough to get them started with RetroShare ;) Besides they will probably just leave the container mounted after using it, and write down the 50+ passphrase in plain text somewhere...
  3. I need to know if this is even possible. I have gotten family members to use RetroShare to share files with each other, and also to keep multiple copies for backups, but in general our internet-speeds are appalling. This made me think of renting a server with a 10 gbit line, and 2tb of space, and run it as our 'main node'. The issue is just how do I actually completely secure the data. My main idea is to run retroshare via xpra on the server, but I do not want the server company to ever actually be able to access our data, and this made me think of black boxes. Is it p
  4. So, I was fiddling with a satnav I have for my boat, and became interested in how the map data was accessed. On very old satnavs we used to have floppy disks that had the map info on them, and for a new area we had to put in a new disk. I had made backups of those to have at home, incase well, someone messed around with them intoxicated and it flew over board (yes, that actually happened one time we used the boat as transport to an island festival, there 'might' have been beer involved..) [According to our laws this is perfectly legal, and I believe it also recently became legal in the UK.]
  5. That is why I am wondering how to create it, and if the parasitic elements even helps me when I am on a specific frequence. There is also how to calculate the spacings, and the parasitic elements if I would want to cover more than a given frequence. Then there is this form of reflector, it just puzzles me how to do it. Using this on the numbers in the video gives me this: 36 - 2020 MHz 34 - 2140 MHz 33 - 2205 MHz 32 - 2270 MHz 31 - 2350 MHz 30 - 2425 MHz 34 - 2140 MHz 31.5 - 2310 MHz 30 - 2425 MHz 29 - 2510 MHz 28 - 2600 MHz 27 - 2690 MHz Now you know wifi is:
  6. I have to say that is a wonderful webpage. However it brings a few questions to light. If I take base on the yt-video I see that instead of a reflektor there is a slightly larger element behind the driving element. How are the measurements on that calculated, and is it important as long as it is just larger? There is also the thing with parasitic elements. How do they help? How are they sized? How is the spacing between them calculated?
  7. With the uproar of IoT I am using the TI C1110 transceiver for 315mhz, 433mhz and 868-915mhz, but I am lacking a proper antenna. I tried a cheap Yagi from aliexpress, but it was, to put it mildly, garbage. After going through different forums and the web I did find these two: https://web.archive.org/web/20071023032712/http://diy.wifi-live.pl/node/8 This is something I can easily pull off I believe, but there is a problem. I can not find any theory to help me do the proper calculations needed to create a biquad yagi for a given frequency I am using. ie. I test stuff on 433mhz, 868mh
  8. I have not had time to look into this much since last time, but I have now tried some more. These two sites did provide some information: http://netfilter-devel.vger.kernel.narkive.com/mzw6VT2E/patch-net-2-6-25-add-packet-filtering-based-on-process-ssecurity-context http://tomoyo.sourceforge.jp/1.7/tutorial-7.html.en But they do seem to talk about a different version. However I was able to stop access to an ip. In Domain Policy Editor I can go into /usr/bin/x-www-browser and add network inet stream connect 80 Now I can access that site over port 80 with iceweasel, but i
  9. Hello all, this will be long; two parts, but don't be afraid, I will make it easy for you. Part One is backstory (you can skip this entirely), part two is current problem, and I will even include a TL;DR in the end. --------Part One-------- Help me get away from big data? I have been wanting to setup my desktop with linux for quite some time now, and have began working with it inside VirtualBox so I am sure I can get all the settings, and programs working that I will use, before I install it natively. However when I came across this article Choosing a Linux Music Player I hit a massive r
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