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  1. So I think I'm getting closer to having a functional setup for the pineapple: I've added a USB adapter to the Pineapple and I'm connecting to a legit WiFi access point in client mode. This gives the pineapple internet and it can report a public IP. I've added the Default Gateway of that connection as the default gateway for the pineapple statically in the interface. When wired to the pineapple, I can use this third wifi access point (not WLAN0 or WLAN1) to connect to the internet through my laptop. So I can get to the pineapple and internet through the USB WiFi connection. However, when K
  2. I just wiped it with the steps defined in the link you provided. Still the same behavior.
  3. So I have my WiFi (on laptop) connected to an SSID called WiFi and that connection is shared (ICS) with the Ethernet connection going to the pineapple. Thing is, every time I turn on Karma, the WiFi my host laptop is connected to gets Pineappled. I can access Pineapple through Ethernet but lose the internet sharing cuz Karma is broadcasting the fake SSID I was using for internet and my wireless NIC kicks over to it. I've added the MAC of my host's WiFi NIC to the Karma blacklist. I also tried using a USB WiFi on the Pineapple itself. It also gets Pineappled and internet is lost when Kar
  4. Hi everyone. New to the Pineapple and seem to be missing a step. Have a laptop connected to Wifi using ICS (windows 8.1). Sharing that connection via ethernet to the Pineapple. I have added my wireless MAC to the Karma blacklist (triple checked) and I still get kicked and I Pineapple myself each time Karma is turned on. I have flashed and started from scratch to no avail. Help? Thanks!
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