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  1. So I think I'm getting closer to having a functional setup for the pineapple: I've added a USB adapter to the Pineapple and I'm connecting to a legit WiFi access point in client mode. This gives the pineapple internet and it can report a public IP. I've added the Default Gateway of that connection as the default gateway for the pineapple statically in the interface. When wired to the pineapple, I can use this third wifi access point (not WLAN0 or WLAN1) to connect to the internet through my laptop. So I can get to the pineapple and internet through the USB WiFi connection. However, when Karma kicks in and Dogma creates dummy SSIDs, they cannot be connected to at all. Some of them don't work because, presumably, they use encryption and Karma doesn't handle that, but one of them, for sure, is an open AP. When i try to connect from the primary or secondary laptop, it says it cannot connect. Is it a DHCP problem? The connection is just flat refused, open or encrypted. Also, is it possible to continue to broadcast the Pineapple admin SSID while doing karma/dogma at the same time? I haven't really had that work for me.
  2. I just wiped it with the steps defined in the link you provided. Still the same behavior.
  3. So I have my WiFi (on laptop) connected to an SSID called WiFi and that connection is shared (ICS) with the Ethernet connection going to the pineapple. Thing is, every time I turn on Karma, the WiFi my host laptop is connected to gets Pineappled. I can access Pineapple through Ethernet but lose the internet sharing cuz Karma is broadcasting the fake SSID I was using for internet and my wireless NIC kicks over to it. I've added the MAC of my host's WiFi NIC to the Karma blacklist. I also tried using a USB WiFi on the Pineapple itself. It also gets Pineappled and internet is lost when Karma gets turned on (and I have added that mac to the blacklist for karma as well). Even if PineAP is off, I still get kicked to the fake SSID and my Pineapple is disconnected from the net. eth0 is the management port + sharing WiFi from laptop wlan0 is for Karma wlan1 is for most of the rest of the PineAP suite wlan2 should be a functional delivery system for the available wifi in the area (in the absence of the laptop) Also, do I need to manually edit the default gateway for internet sharing if I use this wireless radio instead of eth0 or is that auto-detected? So if I'm feeding WiFi through ICS (Ethernet) to the Pineapple and turn Karma etc. on, (with the mac blacklisted) why am I getting kicked to the fake SSID? Must I use a different SSID to share and whitelist the SSID in karma? Are you unable to share the WiFi of a SSID that might get re-broadcast by Karma? I was under the impression you could continue to provide internet access through the legitimate wireless AP while serving an Evil Twin (PineAP I think). I guess I'm a little turned around. Any help would be much appreciated. Pulling my hair out trying to figure out what stupid mistake I'm making here.
  4. Hi everyone. New to the Pineapple and seem to be missing a step. Have a laptop connected to Wifi using ICS (windows 8.1). Sharing that connection via ethernet to the Pineapple. I have added my wireless MAC to the Karma blacklist (triple checked) and I still get kicked and I Pineapple myself each time Karma is turned on. I have flashed and started from scratch to no avail. Help? Thanks!
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