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  1. Sorry, any news :) ? Anyway. I have see that the firmware Composite_Duck in the svn repository is not the latest source. The version is Composite_Duck2Alpaha and the compiled is Composite_Duck2.1 . hex. Could you please fix these incongruence,
  2. Hi to all, I am playing with this fantastic gadget and I very like it ! I ordered more than 10 usb and all works great. I am also working on a custom firmware so I had cloned the svn repository for compile the frmwares. Currently I am working on composite_duck firmware: Composite_Duck.zip. In this firmware I have notice a bug..that elaborate only 77-90 instructions. My operations are: --> open a notepad --> write text here. The maximum lenght that I can write into notepad is only 77 character. The character/instructions are hard-coded into the firmware.. trought the array ui_sequence. Into the wiki I read that this firmware could write more than 2048 characters. Anyone have the same problem ? Coulb be a problem becuase I haven't a "delay" ? Many thanks,
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