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  1. Hello all, thought i'd take a minute to introduce myself and let you all know what im about. Im currently in the British Army and have a strong interest in IT and in particular security. At the moment i'm learning as much as I can about Isecurity with a view to gaining a few qualifications in the future and hopefully working in the IT sector when I leave the army. Also being from the UK I was a bit sceptical about ordering a pineapple kit from the US as deliveries can take months at times, however ordered my pineapple on a sunday afternoon and recieved it the following Friday, over the moon with that, so well done to UPS and the guys at Hak5 who are obviously on the ball when it comes to dispatching orders!
  2. Hey all, I'm trying to execute this payload on my ASUS tablet and it doesn't respond to ENTER, as suggested ive tried ESC along with OK,SPACE,RETURN,SUBMIT and TAB... any suggestions would be appriciated!
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