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  1. Of course it works after I wait all night to post . If anyone on the team did anything to fix this issue, thank you.
  2. I also should mention that I've connected wired to my router, laptops, and via wireless client mode. All give me prompts to download but never complete.
  3. I'm brand new to the forums and don't have a ton of familiarity with the Mark V yet, but I have played with the earlier versions of the firmware and recently flashed 2.2.0 last night. Since then I've been hit or miss getting infusions from the Pineapple Bar. The first few minutes I was able to get the major updates like autossh, but the user contributed ones would not download to device or SD card. I've reflashed, changed SDs, reformatted SDs all in different combinations all night to no avail. Some of the files have .tar.gz files that seem incomplete and are not recognized by the device. Is
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