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  1. You heard about this @Hak5 https://t.co/6zOtcMPtBw Might be an interesting #threatwire piece.

  2. @scotterven Would you be interested in knowing that I just caught a PCR machine in a medical lab participating in a DDOS attack?

  3. Just encountered this as well. Over the web interface, trying to move a 90mb pcap bricked the device. Moving over scp didn't brick, but failed and threw an IO error. Tried to gzip the file to see if that would help, but the gzip threw a short write error. Tried using tcpdump -C 5 over ssh to have it split the pcap into 5mb pieces, but that threw an IO error. Tried to throttle the scp with -l 1 to limit the speed, but that also threw an IO error.
  4. Don't know if this will help, but I remember having this problem before and was able to keep it from going 4-letter by running with argument -s 0
  5. I was having the same issue. it appears that openwrt.org is currently down, and that's where it's trying to pull the dependencies from. According to Seb, we can expect this to be a problem until the site is back online.
  6. Ah, that makes things easier. I figured it wasn't that because was setting up a tetra right before and managed to install all the things without a hitch. The repos being semi-borked would explain the problems. How can I check the status of the repos? I just got a bunch of new genomes in at work, so I'm not going to be able to play with the pineapple too much for the next couple days anyway, so no rush for me.
  7. I tried loading DNSSpoof on my nano and it installed, but upon trying to install dependencies, the dependency install just ran and ran without ever stopping. Stranger yet, I couldn't get any other modules to install dependencies. Even stranger, the issue persisted after resetting the unit (via press and hold on the reset button) and reformatting the SD card and resetting again. Even on a "clean" unit, the dependency installations would no longer work. I tried running this in two different locations over three independent gateways that I confirmed had internet connection at two different ti
  8. Yessss! I know where my tax refund is going. When will they become available again on the shop?
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