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  1. I think I will do just that. I will go over the source and get it ready for review.
  2. You wouldn't know, would you? If I'm not to be trusted, then why would you trust someone you've never known, never met, allow their app on your device at all? If that's case, you shouldn't trust anything on the market to begin with. I'm trying to make a start and hopefully help some people along the way. If people consider what is now known about 'agencies' as a tinfoil hat, then I guess they've made a choice for a blindfold instead. I will gladly allow people on this forum to beta test and try to hack the app if it will help make a more secure program. I will even go so far as to offer c
  3. It seems that Signal has been under gag order from 'the Courts' for over a year and most likely had to give backdoor to agencies. WhatsApp is owned by FaceBook...that's been a CIA monitoring tool before shares went public. MixyBits doesn't have any messaging capabilities, so it won't be transmitting any data...but could be used in conjunction with Signal and WhatsApp. Keys can be generated easily and shared if one has the ability to share those Keys securely. It has become increasingly difficult to make anything secure these days, but I'm damn well going to try. Help from you and others i
  4. The app is geared toward everyday users. Uses AES 256-bit encryption. It is strictly text based for the moment. My aim for this app is to give back privacy to users. It seems that with the expanse of the CIA operations, everyone, everywhere seems to be a target. I'm hoping that no one using my app would be a target for the CIA, but it's no longer our definition of who is a target, it's now the government that declares it. I'm hoping to protect journalists. When Trump can claim them as a 'enemy of the State', anyone speaking out then would be as well. I want my app to help allow those voic
  5. /** * Created by blueghosties on 31/03/16. * this is a simple port scanner that I wrote. * Nothing spectacular, just does what it's suppose to * do. * When it hits an open port, it logs time, date, * IP and port. * I was going to implement ability to jump across * a range of different IP addresses, then * decided against it as it would raise flags. * Thinking about introducing randomised time * between scans as that would lessen the * suspicion of the scan. * * OK...so I implemented the random timing, so shoot me. * You like...no? (said in an outrageous French accent) * * This
  6. Greeting all, I am writing an encryption app for both iPhone and android devices and have come to a fork in the road...(ooo, bad pun)...I wanted to create a 'Save' option to store the encrypted texts locally on the device, but after the revelation of vault 7, I am thinking that maybe it's better to have users save their texts off device elsewhere. The Key is generated on the device locally and stored locally. The Key is protected and has self destruct mechanism, but my concerns are that they would both reside on the device and then could be fully compromised. With the ability of these age
  7. I'm able to now connect and get internet connection through the Pineapple, but when I try to connect to get firmware updates or Show IP address, it gives Error Connecting. I have connection, obviously, through my AP, not understanding why I'm not able to get IP address on the Pineapple itself. It shows in Client Mode the connection that I have on wlan1 and that it has an IP. Is there a configuration setting that I missing? Did I set something wrong? Followed tutorials on setup and Linux connection sharing...using Kali Linux. bg
  8. Greetings all, The Wifi Pineapple did work before. I'm not sure what's going on with it now. I'll state that I have been through many videos on connecting through Linux, I am using Kali Linux 2.0 on an Alienware 14. When it first powers on, I get the Red and the Green light at the same time and they are solid, not blinking. The Red turns off and the Blue turns on while the Green remains on. The Blue does occasionally blink. When I connect the Ethernet cable to the computer from the Pineapple, the Amber light goes on. Connecting to the Pineapple from a browser, it logs in ju
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