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  1. For some reason the police chopper is circling around my house. Great way to start out my Sunday morning.

  2. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/KRcllw0GUH VITAS - Made in China (Official video 2016)

  3. Don't you just hate it when word chips and saw dust gets in your beard! #BeardProblems

  4. RT @ArseQueef: Presented without context @VoiceOfOBrien @kharypayton #CriticalRole https://t.co/riZC9cF5ry

  5. Some semi-oldschool #DnD with the boys https://t.co/y64PRwvyID

  6. [ASL] Media Center Build (Old Laptop into Portable Kodi Box): https://t.co/kdSScjekaX via @YouTube

  7. The Story of Trinket: https://t.co/VTUQL6lS7h via @YouTube

  8. RT @RoosterTeeth: We raised $1,209,970.73 for #RTExtraLife!! Thank YOU for your incredible donations. This cannot be done without you. #For…

  9. @Snubs really? I have been using Gmail since beta, never knew that. Thank you for the tip! MY INBOX WILL NOW BE CLEANER!

  10. @matthewmercer YES!

  11. RT @ToddHardinFTW: "BE LIKE @alanritchson " @AH_Michael trying to get @JeremyNDooley to push up with Michael on his back. #LetsPlayReunion…

  12. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/d1hMJo2Qt3 Warden Expansion! Jack & The Wardens play Sky Factory Part 3! (August

  13. @mr_boktai hell Yeah it was!

  14. Live on https://t.co/lE6XFRAkuB Playing WOW #Stream #streamhype #TwitchStreamer #BFGMISFITS @TwitchExposure @mr_boktai

  15. Live now at https://t.co/lE6XFRAkuB Playing some WOW #Stream #streamhype #TwitchStreamer #BFGMISFITS @TwitchExposure

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