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  1. I correct myself. It is so armed. But the arming/attack switch doesn't seem to make a difference. I plugged it in to check, and it performed a scan, I was in arming mode.
  2. At the booth in DC, I was told it would come preconfigured with nmap, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  3. How much video can a 128G card hold? That's what I'm using too, and I admittedly don't do a lot of video work, but I would think 128G could hold more than 10 minutes.
  4. Admittedly, I"m just playing with it, but I didn't change the refresh from the default 5 seconds, and when I tested it, I had created 55 5-second videos. So I increased the capture_interval to 300, and tested again, and nothing saved. Rather than trying over and over again, does anyone know the most appropriate rate for high VIDEO_BITRATE, and then for medium, and for low? Thanks
  5. I'm on El Capitan, trying to get my Nano sharing. My Macbook is wireless, across en1. The nano is on en7. I'm not familiar with the script, but this is the output: http://imgur.com/pY2KVbN Any suggestion on what I should do differently?
  6. I'm looking around the forums, and I can't find anything that addresses what I'm dealing with, wondering if anyone can reply and help me out. I'm not the most nimble with backend network stuff, so please be kind. I'm on a Mac. I can't get my nano to share the internet. Ugh. Here is what I have with ifconfig -a: http://imgur.com/Bz1S7wj And this is the output from netstat -r: http://imgur.com/dTLoGBn Here's what I'm seeing when I run the script: http://imgur.com/AbWxUeO http://imgur.com/9cRMfVx What am I doing wrong, or what should I do instead? I appreciate your help.
  7. I am just starting with the Pineapple, and trying to learn quickly. One thing I've noticed that doesn't seem to be very intuitive is that if I unhide the Open Access Point, I can no longer connect to the Secure Management Access Point. Ever. I am disconnected, and when I try to reconnect, I'm (eventually) given a "Authentication Error" on my phone (Galaxy 4S), and when I look at the logs, I see: daemon.warn dnsmasq-dhcp[1941]: no address range available for DHCP request via wlan1 What am I doing wrong? I've since hidden the open AP, but still can't connect. Thanks
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