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  1. @Aetaltis Any news on Champions of Aetaltis 2?

  2. @erinmevans @Aetaltis make this happen!

  3. @r_a_salvatore Maestro arrived today, another one to the collection! https://t.co/oifJcQdcbx

  4. Just ordered both, "The Lost Pathfinder" cost $0.99 but im sure its worth it!

  5. Oh, so when using PineAP with Karma etc, I need to use ICS via the ethernet? Also, I have a USB wifi, I notice that there is a USB port on my device, does this mean I can use this for an extra wlan I can use in client mode ?
  6. Thanks, I hope this is made as an add-on soon. I have setup my Pineapple's Wlan1 in client mode and connected fine. However as soon as I enable PineAP (on Wlan0), Wlan1 disconnects and won't reconnect. Is this a common problem?
  7. Assuming that all browsers now support HSTS, what would be an alternative? How about DNS spoofing to a fake login page, would that work? I only want to educate them, so I don't really want to actually spy on them.
  8. Wow, thats some really useful answers thank you sud0Nick Question 3: i understand that only Internet Explorer doesn't support HSTS, so will give this a shot. Question 5: Is there a short guide I can read to set this up? or a few simple pointers would be helpful
  9. Hi All I recently purchased a pineapple to use in some upcoming red team assessments and have spent the day setting up and exploring. I have ICS working with OS X and the latest firmware but i'm a little confused about a few things. Its probably best I start by explaining what exactly I would like to do! Aim: to demonstrate to clients that they shouldn't enable wifi on devices as its easy to impersonate a legitimate access point and start intercepting even SSL traffic I believe to impersonate a legitimate access point I would use PineAP + Karma + Harvester. Question 1: is the above correc
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