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  1. @Aetaltis Any news on Champions of Aetaltis 2?

  2. @erinmevans @Aetaltis make this happen!

  3. @r_a_salvatore Maestro arrived today, another one to the collection! https://t.co/oifJcQdcbx

  4. Just ordered both, "The Lost Pathfinder" cost $0.99 but im sure its worth it!

  5. Oh, so when using PineAP with Karma etc, I need to use ICS via the ethernet? Also, I have a USB wifi, I notice that there is a USB port on my device, does this mean I can use this for an extra wlan I can use in client mode ?
  6. Thanks, I hope this is made as an add-on soon. I have setup my Pineapple's Wlan1 in client mode and connected fine. However as soon as I enable PineAP (on Wlan0), Wlan1 disconnects and won't reconnect. Is this a common problem?
  7. Assuming that all browsers now support HSTS, what would be an alternative? How about DNS spoofing to a fake login page, would that work? I only want to educate them, so I don't really want to actually spy on them.
  8. Wow, thats some really useful answers thank you sud0Nick Question 3: i understand that only Internet Explorer doesn't support HSTS, so will give this a shot. Question 5: Is there a short guide I can read to set this up? or a few simple pointers would be helpful
  9. Hi All I recently purchased a pineapple to use in some upcoming red team assessments and have spent the day setting up and exploring. I have ICS working with OS X and the latest firmware but i'm a little confused about a few things. Its probably best I start by explaining what exactly I would like to do! Aim: to demonstrate to clients that they shouldn't enable wifi on devices as its easy to impersonate a legitimate access point and start intercepting even SSL traffic I believe to impersonate a legitimate access point I would use PineAP + Karma + Harvester. Question 1: is the above correct and if so, will the client devices not complain that the AP they are connecting to are unprotected instead of WPA2? Assuming they are now connected to my AP... Question 2: How can I understand who is connected? I see a client count in the web interface top right corner but don't see how I can find out anymore info? Also, I have found that after installing and enabling SSLStrip, I am not getting any output at all. It seems to be started but not stripping anything Question 3: Why after turning on SSLStrip and visiting a https page on my laptop connected to the fake AP am I not being stripped and nothing is showing in the logs? I think I once read about an infusion that would actually show you a list of the access points and the clients connected to each of these access points. I can't seem to find this again, the closest I have found is Site Survey Question 4: How can I find a list of which clients are connected to which AP's Finally, i notice that there is also a WLAN 1, which isn't started. Question 5: What is that typically used for? ICS without using the ethernet cable? Thanks in advance Mike
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