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  1. i did it and still the same :( i will send to support@hak5.org thank you Sebkinne
  2. i put it here http://pastebin.com/SmyjD1Zb and thank you for the replay
  3. i did what you said and nothing change and it's show up this and this is the client mode i cant choose i tried airmon-ng and it's only showing wlan0 without wlan1 http://i.imgur.com/Nkgubyy.jpg
  4. sorry but i'm lil noob here what kind of info should i post here ?
  5. hey guys So i was using the wifi pineapple great and there's no problem work fine with everything i turned it off and back to it after like 6 or 5 hours and i couldn't start the wlan1 once i start it and it's marked i refresh and it's not marked i really don't know where is the problem from ? is it from the antenna or the port it's self and when i click refresh and btw.. i'm using this AC power did i burn up the pineapple :(? http://i.imgur.com/ThuKK4u.jpg and i did Factory Reset Pineapple nothing happen and i will try to upload the factory.bin (recovery web interface) but not sure that will help this is the full interface http://i.imgur.com/tDKLLDn.jpg and thank you
  6. it's have the battery charger and it's 1800 mAh but i don't know how to use it lol i tried AC adaptor form old Router and it's worked Fine ! (the output: 12V 1.5A) *about the battery charger how i know if it's full or Empty and thank you for the replay
  7. update# when i plug it to my pc ( Windows xp) the wifi pineapple worked perfectly !! i set up everything and connected to the wifi one more thing the wifi pineapple i bought is travel package and i couldn't find the charger only the battery charger and i think it's the problem can you help me guys for this thing please:(?
  8. i cant open i don't know why :( i saw some people have the same problem here i think it's from the sd card not sure i want to know how to format brand new sd card to fat or ext4
  9. i did every thing i cant even open it's show Access denied ,, but the flash page i can open it and after i flashed same thing i bought it from ebay cuz i'm outside USA and i cant buy it from the website
  10. Hey guys i just got the WIFI pineapple today and i was soo enthusiastic about it first when i boot it the LEDs only solid green and flashing blue :( !! i looked it up and i think the problem from the sd card and i need 10 class sd card but what i want to know if i got the new sd card how i use it ? i using win8 ..do i have to format it from there (this PC > right click on cd card > format), or i need program to do it sorry for my English :( ! and thank you guys
  11. Hi guys, yesterday I ordered WiFi Pineapple , but today the payment Status is refunded !! I'm not sure what the problem is with my address or the shipping method ? by the way ,I'm using myus.com (package forward service) is it allowed or not? and it's says : ORDER CANCELLED ON FEBRUARY 05, 2015 05:45PM(Reason: inventory) So what i did wrong ? or how to solve it :( please help me guys p.s. i live in the middle east
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