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  1. That's what I'm connecting to in the browser. It's not working though.
  2. I think I might've pinged the wrong one. Just pinged and got 4/4 responses. Still can't connect over ssh or a browser
  3. Okay, I just pinged it again, and it gave me one Destination host unreachable, and 3 time outs. I'm running Windows 7 by the way.
  4. So I just got my Pineapple. I got it set up, but now I cannot connect to it via LAN. I when I plug in the ethernet cable, it says connected to 'Unidentified Network'. And I can't do jack shit. Can't ping it, can't ssh, can't access in a browser. It works fine over WiFi. Any ideas?
  5. So I ordered a Pineapple some time ago, and I'm receiving it soon. I just read the FED and it said that the Pineapple can't bait encrypted networks. Does this mean that I can't get people on WPA2 networks on my Pineapple?
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