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  1. so I've setup C2 in the cloud; having the same issue C2: Community V - c2-3.0.2_i386_linux Tetra - 2.7.0 Nano - 2.7.0 has this been resolved or any plans to resolve this?
  2. has any progress been made? I see this post is not that old. I finally got time to play with my turtle today, and I updated the before anything, and also pulled down the openvpn from the module directories, so I am assuming it's currently. I can use the information in this post to get it going, but if I try from the turtle menu, it comes back as autostart enabled, it states it's started gives 3 PID's then comes back to the screen as stopped.
  3. Following on this which one is which? Is wlan0 on the dip switch side while wlan1 is the other?
  4. I received my pineapple today and got it flashed up to the latest firmware 2.2.0. I am trying to set the dip switches to execute either a string of commands or a script file. I get everything entered under configuration->boot modes -> grab a line, tried the 1st one.. and it will not save them, when I click save DIP Configuration. I have tried IE and Chrome and still no dice.. Pineapple is at default ip settings. Any insight would be appreciated.
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