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  1. Thanks for the help dude. I am now accessing the web interface finally. It took unbricking my brand new out of the box Pineapple. https://www.wifipineapple.com/?flashing
  2. I have verified those steps correctly....Factory reset of my brand new Pineapple it is I guess. I also tried running the ./wp5.sh in my Kali linux VM. no love.
  3. Just so I'm clear, my issue is that I have never been able to access the Pineapple Web Interface which is supposed to be located at
  4. Thanks for the response. I have seen/ followed this guide numerous times. I am not making any mistakes. But just for gigs I followed it line for line again and the web page is still not available. Any other ideas? Wireless LAN adapter WI-FI: IPv4 address .......192.168.1.xxx subnet mask.......... Default gateway....... Ethernet adapter ethernet: IPv4 address subnet mask....... default gateway.........
  5. I have seen posts based on similar issues but nothing has led me to victory yet so here goes. Whenever I go to it NEVER works. It always says the WEB PAGE IS UNAVAILABLE. I unboxed my Mark V and followed the instructions (seemed easy enough). My Micro SD was installed and the LED's are flashing appropriately. The Mark V is producing a wifi SSID (pineapple5_39BE 2 3). None the less I connected the Mark V to my ASUS laptop running windows 8.1 with the ethernet cable that came with the Mark V. The Mark V is plugged into the wall using the power chord that came with the box though I have also tried it using the fully charged juicebox to no avail. I have tried to connect simply by accessing the WIFI SSID but the it still says the web page is not available. I have tried to share my internet connection using my WIFI and the static IP on the ethernet ( - - dns with no results. I also tried raising the IP range to ( I have even added as the static default gateway with no luck. Here's where it gets interesting...When I attach the Mark V and select "obtain an IP address automatically" it gives me this "DHCP ENABLED -Yes" "Autoconfig IPv4...." "IPv4 Subnet mask...." "IPv4 Default Gateway- " "IPv4 DNS server- " Please help me.......
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