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  1. I see a lot of posts saying that their device is bricked, but I never see anyone say how it looks when it's bricked. Can someone tell me how a device appears when the device is "bricked"? Thanks guys once again! :)
  2. Hey guys so I just got my Pinapple Mark V in today, and I got everything set up and upgraded. I ran Karma, Pine AP, Dogma, Beacon, and Harvest. But when I connected to the Fake AP I didn't get any internet connection. I've tried to reset the Network settings and the problem is a constant one. How would I go about providing internet to my victim computer?
  3. Hello guys once again. I'm here with another question. Here's the scenario. I have a WPA2 wireless router, and my target has already connected to my router. When I set up my Pineapple, will my target connect to my router automatically? Or will they connect with my Pineapple AP? What I'm wondering is if the target's computer is already connected to my wireless router, would the victim's computer have to connect to my Pineapple manually? Or the does the computer prioritize my Pineapple over the wireless router?
  4. Hey guys. I ordered my Pineapple Mark V this week and I'm so excited to see what it can handle. But I'm wondering if I can use it from a remote location. For example, I leave it at home and access it from another home miles away. Is this not possible?
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