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  1. I really am sorry for my newbiness, How do I test normal Apache servers? ~Thankyou
  2. Its not a VM, its a Physical Laptop and is there a way to alter this and open it up to the nodes on the LAN?
  3. Alright sure, thankyou for the help and sorry for not understanding the first time, When I try to access it from another computer on the same LAN I get a white page with nothing and when I try to access it from an external IP It is server not found 404.
  4. cloning is fine and it works from the computer I create the cloan for as I upload it to my IP address but when I try to access it from another computer it doesn't work.
  5. The website cloner is not working for external viewers to my IP, it works from the host computer but no other one, I am quite new to this and would like a detailed responce on how I make it work for external clients visiting the IP. ~Thankyou
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