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  1. Wow, it works now, thank you. I had not gone to the top dropdown for "Files Preferences" (I did not realize that actually had more than a list of open folders) and could only find "Properties" in the window itself. Now everything runs correctly
  2. I attempted the change to #!/bin/sh and everything still runs fine in terminal, but still no luck running them from the file I would like the functionality I had previously, which is just clicking them to make them run. Is there another way to open them that I am missing? The permissions are set correctly The files work if I use them in terminal And I try opening them in "Run Software" - I couldn't find any other way to get it to stop opening in gedit or vim I still get the same message, "Oops! There was a problem running this program. Unable to locate program", even though it is trying to load the one I just right-clicked and told to run.
  3. I cannot find that preferences window you have, but I have also tried the chmod +x and some other suggested chmods like 755. On Kali 1.something, activating the file would give me the option to open in terminal, open in editor, or just run the file. Here in 2.0 and in Ubuntu, I only have the ability to run the file. Retrying with a new file opens without complaint in "Run Program" but does not produce a result (unless run in terminal with sh script.sh) for: #!/bin/bash echo 'hello world' > /root/Desktop/sript_output.txt If run from terminal, it writes the file as expected, but not in "Run Program" or any other way I can think to "Execute file as program"
  4. I wrote a few shell (bash?) scripts to simplify some of my tasks in my Kali and Ubuntu Live discs. These were saved as .sh files that could be run when I double-clicked them. I am in the process of writing others for other repetitive tasks Now that I have updated to Kali 2.0, I cannot run these by double-clicking them. Setting them to run in "Run application" returns a message that says: "unable to locate program" I have just written a program called script.sh: #!/bin/bash/ echo "Hello World" And this one has the same difficulties. They all run in terminal with "sh script.sh", but that defeats their simplicity. The same problem happens in Kali and Ubuntu, so I don't think it is a Kali 2.0 issue, but it is the first place I noticed the issue. Permissions are set to run as programs, and the properties tab is checked for "Allow executing file as a program."
  5. Sorry should have said that I used airmon on wlan0 to make mon0 and then used airodump and wireshark on mon0.
  6. When I was attempting to capture, I set up the VM both with no network adapters through the VM and with NAT and Bridged. There were a few VM's on different computers while trying this. I attached the NEH then attached that USB connection to the KALI VM with the devices dropdown. When the NEH was in the VM, it became wlan0, and that's what I used to try capturing.
  7. Haven't been online for a while. To answer the questions above. I was looking at my own channel, actively streaming youtube. When it was in the virtual machine, it only received ping requests from itself, and nothing else from any of the ten or more networks in the area. I got it to work by installing it on a computer without a virtual machine. The virtual machine does not work still. Thank you for the help. I'll just continue using a live CD or install to computer. Everything works instantly when installed or live CD. Maybe it doesn't work in VirtualBox? Should this be marked as SOLVED? I can provide more information when I get back to the network if someone wants to continue this
  8. Looks like it, but not in practice. Still no results in Airodump after choosing a channel that matches an actively used network. I've let Airodump run a long time with nothing showing
  9. iwconfig output: mon0 IEEE 802.11bgn Mode:Monitor Frequency:2.412 GHz Tx-Power=20 dBm Retry short limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Power Management:off eth0 no wireless extensions. lo no wireless extensions. wlan0 IEEE 802.11bgn ESSID:off/any Mode:Managed Access Point: Not-Associated Tx-Power=20 dBm Retry short limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Encryption key:off Power Management:off
  10. I just tried the Airmon-zc, in combination with the above ifconfig wlan0 down and airodump on a specific channel (for a router that is being actively used). I also tried using the Alfa as a hotspot to see if I could get it to do anything in Kali. The hotspot ability works with the normal network settings in Kali. Could it be the virtualbox?
  11. I don't know if this helps at all, but I also cannot connect to networks normally using the Alfa in Kali. It says connecting for a while and asks me for a WPA password repeatedly, which I give it. Attempting to connect to an open network runs the connection for a few seconds, then disconnects.
  12. Thanks for the help. New problem and new start now. Start Kali Login Airmon-ng stop wlan0 ifconfig wlan0 down Airmon-ng start wlan0... mon0 airodump-ng mon0 Nothing shows up now. Also tried Airodump-ng wlan0. Now nothing is showing up. I also tried again after killing network manager
  13. I could just be forgetting a step, but I haven't found an answer through any other questions I received my alfa AWUS036NEH from Hakshop about a week ago. I installed Kali in a VirtualBox virtual machine and have tried using the Alfa on a few test networks. (A Linksys, an Arris, and Netgear routers) I connect the Alfa to the virtual machine and it appears in lsusb and I can see it with Airmon-ng as wlan0. Starting airmon-ng on wlan0 returns monitor mode on mon0. Airmon-ng does list three running processes as possible issues. I have stopped one at a time and then all three without any difference in the problem. I start airodump on mon0 and airodump starts cycling through channels. A minute later I receive one Base Station result with no SSID. Airodump started collecting frames, but then I realized the MAC address the Alfa's Mac address. I also tried Wireshark on that mon0. It only collected information originating from the Alfa that should be on mon0. Neither showed any evidence of the multiple networks in the same room. If pictures would be helpful, I can post those. If any specifics about the setup are needed, just tell me. I'm not sure what is needed to help.
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