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  1. Hello Rubberducky forum! I just got my fist ducky and i love it! Thanks for the great project Darren and the team keep up the great work! I have a question if this is implemented (or if its not implemented I would love if someone implemented it in some way): Is there a way to do "if/else" commands on the rubberducky? let me explain my self. My idé is if you insert your ducky and its going to to run "wallpaper prank" on a victim computer and he/she got a program running on the computer but you want to get to the desktop so you run "GUI d" in the start of the document. That is going to work fine if all the computers you are targeting are running a program on the screen every time you insert the ducky into it. But all the outer machines that you my run the same program against, maybe the user pressed "GUI d" before he left his workstation and if you run the program your going to bring all the programs back and not get the desktop and that is going to mess whit your program. Do you see my problem and my idé of some more automation in the software, because this can be useful in so many ways. One more ide is if you have your script and in the script you have a section for windows, mac and linux and the specific code runs depending on the os. Am just curios if this is possible? Im pretty new to the hole hacking community and not that good at coding anything else then html and css. /Alleckz PS. (sorry if my spelling is not 100% i'm not native American and I did not use google translate today to check because i'm lazy! i'm a SWEDISH! :D)
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