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  1. Not sure why I typed 'hybernate' there, what I ment was convert the MBR to a hybrid so it boots both OSs. ( one of the last steps of the official manual )
  2. I figuted it out...I had to hybernate grub so it loaded both OSes. Anyway thanks for the help! I'm actually typing this from kali Yea!
  3. I reinstalled the whole thing just to be sure, installed grub and everything looked fine. Installation finished, ejected the dvd, restarted my mac and there were 2 options to choose from: For a moment I was actually happy and thought I made it lol Next clicked on Linux...black screen came with same text... No bootable device -- insert blabla :( Getting really tired of this
  4. Thanks Coop, Fixed the disk issue, installed kali but I think I somehow missed the grub installation step. So I cant boot the fresh install with refind..any ideas how to solve this ?
  5. yea dd'd, unetbootin'd everything else too...sooooo went back to the local shop got me some dvd's, burned the iso and voila, kali booted up without any hassle. Then the next problem occurred. Gparted wont let me resize my primary mac partition. There is a yellow/red (!) and the resize/move option is greyed out. Disk utility wont work either. Edit: 2 screenshots added:
  6. Yea so I got me a new stick, tried with .img and .iso but all I get is a black screen : No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key
  7. Yea funny thing is I used a stick, but the dd command damaged it or it was already damaged I'm not sure. But thanks for the help i'l grab a new stick tomorrow at the local store, cant be bothered with this anymore today Goodnight edit at 6 posts the edit button appears, fiy.
  8. Step 2 takes you to the same page where I found the instructions on how to copy the files to your usb with the dd command (see below) (dont have dvd player)
  9. What I'm trying to say is that in order to install kali as a dual boot setup, or just use it as a live-usb I need the .iso copied correctly to my 2nd partition of my external hard drive, and thats where all the problems start. The dd command is not working like I mentioned before with multiple partitions. So basicly what I wan't to know is how to install kali if you have multiple partitions on your external hard drive. ps. no edit button appears for me when hovering over quote button. Tried firefox, safari and chrome.
  10. Can't seem to find the edit post button here, my bad. Dual boot won't work for me either since I get the files copied correctly to my external hard drive :(
  11. Cooper thanks for the quick reply. I forgot to mention in my last post that I also tried with bs=512 and even smaller but non of them worked. I actually wanted to have a boot usb/drive not a dualboot setup, but I might try the dual boot.
  12. Dear Hak5, I am desperately trying to install Kali Linux on my mid 2010 macbook pro. Basicly what I want to do is to install the iso on an external harddrive wich has 2 partitions. The first one is for my regular data and the second one is ment for Kali. I red on the kali page that the best way to do it is to use the unix 'dd' command: so what I did is: sudo dd if=kali-linux.iso of=dev/disk2s3 bs=1m After 10 minutes of copying the files I got a message that all the files were copied. I tried to boot it up with and without refind but got the same error: no bootable device, press any key... I mounted the disk to see if the files were copied but could only mount the first partition. The second partition wich contained the kali files could not be mounted. Disk utility gave the following error: I cant repair the disk because this also prompts an error wich states that I should restore or erase the disk. some other facts: -I tried Unetbootin, didnt work. prompted error: no bootable device, press any key... -I tried a usb stick with 16gb ram, FAT, same error -I tried to run it with vmware fusion, got it up and running but could not get my awus036nh to work in bridged mode. And im sure I tried some other things that I cant remember at the moment...running out of options. Any help would be appreciated!
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