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  1. I have the same problem battery and wall power
  2. same thing is happening to me Tx-Power=12
  3. In the pineapple bar its says: portalauth 2.1
  4. Come watch @CDNThe3rd while he plays H1Z1 on Twitch! http://t.co/GeFIRYpEot

  5. jorgeivan

    EDC Bags

    Is the MKVI coming?
  6. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Papa Roach (5), J. Cole (4) & Silverstein (1) http://t.co/er13Fa2jRi

  7. Do i need to connect the wifi pineapple as client on the captive portal to use the PortalAuth?
  8. Still no response from then on this problem :(
  9. Yes I send an email about this.
  10. Hello, yesterday I brought the holiday travel bundle but on error I ordered it twice and got charged twice. I payed with Paypal credit. I want to order just one bundle. sorry for my bad english!!
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