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  1. Alright, will do. Thanks for all of your help!
  2. Alright, so it seems that it isn't recognizing the device at all when it isn't in DFU mode. If I open the device manager and plug it in with the button pressed, the list refreshes automatically and opens up the Other Devices ssectin, showing me the device. When I unplug it, the list refreshes again. However, when I plug it in normally, it does not automatically refresh and it doesn't appear to be in the list at all. Unplugging it also doesn't refresh the list. This is the behavior with and without an SD card in it. Does this mean there is actually an issue with it, since it won't even read the device unless it is in DFU mode?
  3. One thing I just noticed, if I hold down the button and plug it in, I get AT32UC3B DFU in the Other Devices section. I'm still not seeing it anywhere when I plug it in as is.
  4. Thanks for the response! Glad to hear that it might not be a faulty ducky or SD card. I opened up the Device Manager, but I am unsure where the ducky would show up. I've tried observing these sections while removing and plugging in the ducky, but I see no differences: - Human Interface Devices - Keyboards - Universal Serial Bus controllers Where exactly would it show up? Thanks again!
  5. Hello everyone, I recently received a USB Rubber Ducky, and have been attempting to make it work with no luck. Here is where I am at: Computers available to me: - Windows 8.1 laptop - Samsung ARM Chromebook running Arch Linux ARM off of an SD Card - iMac (not updated, I forget what version of OSX is on it, maybe snow leopard?) Micro SD Cards available to me: - 128MB Micro SD (came wiith the Ducky) - PNY 4GB Micro SDHC - SanDisk 16GB Micro SDHC Initially I tried plugging the ducky as is into the windows laptop, but nothing seemed to happen. I then compiled a new inject.bin and loaded that onto the SD card, but that also didn't work. I have tried formatting the various SD cards I own as FAT32 and loading the bin on there, but they also don't work. I have also re-flashed it using dfu-programmer with duck_v2.1.hex, but didn't seem to fix the issue either. The strange thing is, based on what I've read online, my Ducky isn't behaving in a way that the ones that have issues normally do. Here is what happens when I attempt to use it: - Plug it in to the Windows laptop without an SD Card: Get a solid red light - Plug it in to the Windows laptop with ANY of the 3 SD cards I own: No LED light at all. If I wait some time (maybe a few minutes), it will turn on as a solid red light. - Plug it in to the Windows laptop with ANY of the 3 SD cards and then push the button: Again, no LED light at all I haven't found many posts about the Ducky not displaying any lights. It clearly works to an extent, as the LED is red when there is no card, and it allowed me to flash it without error. There are 2 ideas I have that could be the issue, but could someone confirm? - The SD card that came with the Ducky is faulty, and the other 2 don't work because they are Micro SDHC instead of Micro SD - The acutal Ducky is faulty Let me know if I need to provide any more details to help clarify anything. Thanks!
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