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  1. Bizarre. Now, it has showed up two times: I pulled the uSD from the nano (after countless attempts to format it from the web console, and even trying my hand at this gist: https://gist.github.com/kbeflo/8c85c084e9c5ae86b3367716a463e793 (for the record - it didn't work for me either). I tried stepping through the commands, one at a time, by hand... and still no dice. So, finally, I pull the card, put it in a reader and plug it into the Mac. Mac declares it 'unreadable', opens disk utility, and allows me to format it (I selected MS-DOS (FAT), assuming this would provide the greatest interoperability). Returned the SD card to the Nano, powered it up, and... Voila! The SD card was there. I did a 'Save Fstab' in the console UI, and then proceded to download and install a handful (okay, perhaps two handfuls) of modules and installed them to the SD card successfully. Eventually powered down the device... and now, a few hours later - upon reboot... no /dev/sdb anymore?? I'm obviously doing something wrong - as this just can't be this hard! Thanks for any assistance.
  2. This can't be right - and I'm definitely having problems generating consistent results. Surely, I don't have to format the SD card every time I want to mount it, right? I've got a 32GB uSD card in my nano - and have 'formatted' it multiple times - and, exactly ONE time, it then showed up (under the Resources window). Then I went about downloading and installing modules onto it - and then rebooted, and... it's gone. There's GOT to be a way to mount it (if not via the web console, then simply via the CLI with # mount /dev/sda1 or ... I think I must be missing something as it pertains to fstab (and the "Save Fstab" button in the web console). I'm happy to RTFM, if someone can point me in the right direction?? Happy Friday!
  3. Wow - now that's what I call a responsive Head of Development!! ? Thanks for the instantaneous response, @Sebkinne! In the meantime, I'll experiment with some wireless adapters, and see if I can at least get it to connect to the hotspot in client mode. Less ideal than tethered - but definitely beats ICS over USB! ? Thanks again, and hope you're having a great weekend.
  4. Interesting (and disappointing) - as I have been quite successful tethering this same hotspot (Verizon 6620L) to the Pineapple Mark V. Was assuming (we know what happens when we assume things!) / counting on the same functionality with the Nano. #Drats!
  5. Darren / Team Hak5: As a long-time Pineapple user - I've been eye-balling some upgrades for some time. Maybe it's just bad timing - but I swear that every time I check - the Tetra is Sold Out. Are there production problems, or do they just come in batches, and I've got the misfortune of always missing their arrival? I've signed up to be notified when they're back in stock... let's see if that helps. In other news: This forum / topic seems way to quiet for the latest rev of such a powerful tool. Perhaps all the real discussion is taking place in more targeted threads - not here in General.
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