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  1. Like retweet for Kali Linux, like for BackTrack thank you #OffSec

  2. Yes thats true there will probably never be a usb rubber ducky hack for the ps4 due to the fact that there is no command line or anything that you can use to modify the system in anyway that could lead to any potential "hack".
  3. May not be able to do some sort of hack with it but hey you never know
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPQoejBYCss I have just found out that the usb rubber ducky works with the PS4 Source code in video description I havent seen this tested before I just got the idea to test it out Maybe someone can come up with something cool to do with this
  5. Scratch the mimikatz part i could care less about mimikatz in my situation its not relevant all I really need is Admin or System Command Prompt access
  6. My main problem here is that first I dont have admin and I am trying to either get admin cmd and run mimikatz or add another user with admin cmd even system would work but I am stuck here because I dont have access to the admin account and the USB Rubber Ducky runs with the privleges of the currently loged in user
  7. But doesnt mimikatz need to be ran as admin instelf? I tried mimikatz and priviliege::debug wouldnt work unless ran as admin But I never know it may work with the ducky
  8. Is it possible to make a payload for the USB Rubber Ducky Platform in which you get an admin cmd on windows xp thus bypassing uac I have tried all windows 7 Command Prompt elevation tricks but none worked for me does such a payload exist My Target: VM Windows XP SP3 Professional
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