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  1. im not the greatest as programming so i am a little confused on how to write a script for an android phone. i am just testing it and learning so i want to do various things. is there a help doc somewhere that lists out the different commands to use and script structure? I understand it for windows for the most part but not for a phone. any links or guidance would be greatly appreciated. and for all of you "search google" people, i have been and will continue to search google but if everyone answered questions with "search google" then there would be nothing for google to return as help. thanks guys/gals, jnkfile
  2. worked perfect. so incase anyone else is in my situation ill summarize what i did in order to successfully manually upgrade my markV. **Linux** I went to https://wifipineapple.com/?downloads and downloaded the most recent firmware upgrade. I saved it in my Downloads directory. with my pineapple connected via my ethernet adapter i opened a terminal i sent the upgrade bin file with the command scp /root/Downloads/upgrade-2.1.1.bin root@ it asked for my pineapple password, informed me the connection was unknown and to continue type yes once the file was transfered i then ssh-ed into the pineapple with ssh root@ i entered my password for the pineapple i entered the tmp file with cd /tmp performed an md5 check on the file with md5sum upgrade-2.1.1.bin hashes matched performed the manual upgrade with sysupgrade -n -v /tmp/upgrade-2.1.1.bin thanks for the help, jnkfile
  3. ok, so i was able to transfer the bin file over to the pineapple with scp /root/Downloads/upgrade-2.1.1.bin root@ all good there. the other steps lead me to believe that i should be connected to the pineapple via some kind of CLI terminal. how should i connect to the pineapple in order to run these commands?
  4. thank you much bro. im going to upgrade it right now. jnk
  5. wasnt a typo. it soft bricked every time it timed out on me so to recover it, the firmware is 1.2.0. for the manual upgrade what is SCP?
  6. starting from a fresh start, a fresh pineapple, i set up my password and log in. everythings working fine. i go to the wifi pineapple mk5 tile and i have firmware version 1.2.0. i open the tile and check for an upgrade. there is one available. i click flash to start the upgrade. it downloads the new firmware and the pineapple starts spinning, informing me this may take a while. it never goes any further than that. i have left it for 3 hours and it wont go past that point. the computer screen says my md5sum is fine, however on the pineapple itself all 4 leds are solid. i have had to restore it back to factory, this is my 4 forth time now. the pins are all in the up position. i have tried saving the upgrade bin file the sd card, different sd card, i dont understand what i am doing wrong here. any help would be appreciated, thanks, kirk
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