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  1. Im not sure what could be wrong if you followed the instructions. I downloaded all the different kinds of ducky firmware to play around with them for various applications and they all worked well. Double check the hash values on the download. Btw is your ducky flashing any kind of various colors or just a single color like blue/ green? Hak5's stuff has been top notch for me, though things can go wrong in shipping or other unforseen issues. Have patience braj, trial and error is the way to go.
  2. I hadn't even gotten to the point of writing scripts with an encoder. I saw how the syntax would look on the forums, but other than plugging it in a time or two seeing the hello world on notepad and installing the Atmel and FLIP drivers I hadnt done much. Yea I think when I first installed the drivers I did something wrong bcuz it was straight red, but after using cmd I was able to get the straight red light to a red and blue flashing mix
  3. Yea I bought a Raspberry Pi so I could play around with a Linux OS and I like it, I need to buy a laptop or a tablet and get a Linux distro on it for more daily usage. When I'm on forums like this I start to see why people prefer Linux over Win :)
  4. I have tried the button, it works to get the ducky into DFU mode and my device manager noticies the device, but when the ducky is plugged in normally it wont show the hello world or replay it after the button is pressed if it is still inside the USB interface.
  5. I get that red mean errors, for a while it was only straight red until I did a flash to the hexs i downloaded. If everything is OK with the ducky then why did it start out as only blue for a day or so and then when I installed the software from the programming.zip I started having issues? It wont load any hello world script now, and does the same flashing errors and not hello world on my Win7 and Win 8.1 machines. I did the software install on the Win7. When I plug in the plain USB dongle that came with the ducky the inject bin is still there, though if nothing is wrong how do I get to the original hello world script to edit it?
  6. After the ducky working initialy out of the box I was looking into loading some pre-written scritpts to actually but the device to use and after reading some of the tutorials I downloaded the Programming.zip and installed the Atmel and FLIP software. Shortly after installing both of those softwares i opened up the Flip program to find the device, I wasnt able to find the same AT32UC3B1256 microcontroller number for the ducky. So I rebooted my PC and shortly after that the light on the ducky went from flashing blue to a straight red. After some more reading on the tutorials pages I was able to successfully flash the ducky with the duck_v2.1 and c_duck_v2.1 hexs. The lights changed from straight red to a loop through blue on, half red half bue, more red than blue (but some blue is still shining) and then straight red for a sec. Idk if its something I did wrong or if the Ducky was damaged en route somehow, but I need help.
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