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  1. Still no solution, @ iamtags I guess it is the best for us to ask for refund :-( The case in the link is Long time ago & does not match with our case.
  2. Solution seems to be here https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/36507-cant-download-modules/ I check out if it works for me, seems to be the same Problem
  3. Hi, it is my first LAN Turtle, I ordered it as Bundle from the US Store. I did the Update to V2 with Putty & Network cable throug the LanTurtle I am not able to install anything from the Directory. I tryed factory Default reset with the .bin of your Website. Stil the same Problem. In the List of the Modules there is no X by Modulemange. When I select it, it tells me Current Status:Stopped And Bootup Status: Enabled When I go to configure I can select Modules from Directory but nothing is installed in the end. I tryed everthing! Is there a solution?
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