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  1. Sebkinne, sorry for just asking again: 1) Should I have received a European adapter with the Pineapple Juice? 2) Can I use the Pineapple charger with 9V instead? Is there no danger of over-charging? Thank you. Chris
  2. With the Pineapple Juice I did not receive any adapters for Europen power supply. There is only the US plug that I can't use. So is the adapter missing as it should be actually also delivered? Can I use the charger for the Pineapple (for this device I received some European plug adapters)? It has however as output 9V while the original Juice charger has 12V. Chris
  3. Hi, how can I activate the red LED for WLAN2 when connected to the Internet in Client Mode? Up to now the red LED is only enables for WLAN1. Thank you. Chris
  4. So how can I start harvester via command line? Thx.
  5. So do you mean the command line mentioned above will not start WLAN1 with all PineAp options like harvester?
  6. Ok, the AWUS036NEH adapter is recognized by my WiFi Pineapple as WLAN2, so I would program the corresponding DIP switch in this way: ifconfig wlan1 up; ifconfig wlan2 up; pineapple infusion pineap start; pineapple infusion pineap dogma start; pineapple infusion pineap responder start; pineapple infusion pineap harvester start (comment: I use for dogma, responder and harvester the "start" parameter, as in another DIP configuration I want to disable these options via "stop"). Will this work? And how do I tell the Pineapple that WLAN2 should always be used for Client mode (I mean where do I specify the WPA data, like SSID, password ....)? Or will the WIFI configuration be saved once I have set it up in the GUI`?
  7. Hi, I would like to use Pineapple with my Android Samsung Smartphone (via mobile wlan hotspot). So when I get the concept right, WLAN0 can be used to connect from foreign devices with Pineapple and WLAN1 will be used to connect to my Smartphone (to enable online connection). I would also like to use Dogma and and Beacon Response, but this would lead to a conflict with WLAN1 because WLAN1 is also used for this functionality. I also have the ALFA AWUS036NEH. Can I connect this antenna and configure Dogma and Beacon to use this device? If so how can I tell Dogma and Beacon not to use WLAN1 but the third antenna? Thank you. Chris
  8. Hi, I just received the Pineapple Juice 1800. However, as I live in Austria, I cannot use the default charger as the plug does not fit. Can I use any other charger with 12V? Does the Pineapple Juice 1800 has a built-in protection so that it gets not over-charged when connected too long to the power supply? And must the battery be always switched on before it is charged? Thank you. Best, Chris
  9. Thank you, the way with "cd /sd" worked.
  10. Hi, I would like to configure my PineApple that it automatically performs some tasks after being booted (so basically shortly after I connect it to the battery). These are the following tasks: - enable in Infusion PineAP options "PineAP", "Dogma","Beacon Harvester" and "Auto Harvester" - with Infuction tcpdump start capturing to file mydump.pcap on the external SD card How can I activate these tasks at boot time? Chris
  11. Hi, I want to write the output of tcpdump to my external SD card. The external SD card is on filesystem /dev/sdcard/sd1 and mounted to /sd (this is what Infusion Resources says). So as command for tcpdump I used tcpdump -w /sd/tcpdump.pcap but the output is not written to that SD card but to rootsfs (which has a very limited space of 3,3MB). So how can I manage tcpdump to write to the external SD card? Thank you. Chris
  12. Sorry, I meant: https://scotthelme.co.uk/wifi-pineapple-mark-v-introduction-setup/
  13. Hi, I have set up my WiFi Pineapple as discribed here: https://scotthelme.co.uk/wifi-pineapple-setup/. Pineapple is working in general and I can snif some traffic using sslstrip. I connected with several different devices (active connection indicated in Karma log). However, most of the traffic going throug my Pineapple is not recorded (i.e. I cannot see it in the Output menu of sslstrip). For example, when I visit www.amazon.com, some packages are recorded by sslstip (however no real user data, more packages like "Gateway&browserWidth"). Other websites like www.facebook.com or www.twitter.com are not indicated in "Output" at all. Also Apps traffic from my connected Smartphone is not indicated. Is my Pineapple not configured properly? Where are some details about the device configuration: - Firmware 2.0.4 - sslstrip v2.0 - Pineapple connected to a Windows machine (via ethernet cable) or directly in Client mode (with my Samsung Galaxy using tethering) - MK5 Karma, PineAP, Dogma, Beacon Response disabled 1) Is sslstrip the only tool that shows me which traffic goes through my Pineapple? 2) Any ideas how to capture more traffic (e.g. other configuration)? Thank you. Best Chris
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