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  1. Keeping you guys in the loop, the few who might actually use this. I am adding functionality to allow for configurable options like DNS, Gateway, and more. Also slated for 1.6 is more robust, dynamic applescript.

    Debating if I should do something that collects info on the available devices to share from, and the devices to share to, and asking user on generating new configs in an applescript dialogue "Map from [select interface] to [select interface]" but am still on the fence about the implications it'd take to implement this. Could use some feedback!

    Also debating setting up a github for this project so it's not all hosted on my home web server, still need to get better versed in using it though.

  2. Hello ,

    ich have this script:

    DELAY 2500


    STRING cmd /K echo hello world

    DELAY 100


    My problem is that the WINDOWS command do nothing(with the GUI command i have the same problem). Can anybody help ?

    thx ;)

    Try "GUI r"? It should open the run dialogue as opposed to just opening the Windows start menu, and it should open the command prompt with the string you provided.. Not sure if the /K will actually perform the enter keypress because I don't have a Rubber Ducky of my own, but it's worth a shot.

  3. Pushed beta for yosemite 10.10.1 support. Version 1.5 is live. Please follow the instructions in my previous post, and if you experience issues, please remove the /wpplist and /plistbackups folders, and the /etc/bootpd.plist and /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.nat.plist files, restart, then toggle sharing on and off manually in the sharing preferences, then attempt the script again. If you're still experiencing issues, please show any errors here. Thanks!


  4. Alright, I've figured out the issues with support on 10.10 Yosemite. The biggest issue is the change to accessibility.

    You need to enable scripts to be able to 'control your computer' or in other words, allow the applescript portions of my script to run properly.

    To do this, go to System Preferences, click "Security and Privacy".

    Click the lock and authenticate changes.

    Select the "Accessibility" tab

    Click the "+" sign below the table

    Browse to Applications > Utilities > Terminal and click "Open" in the bottom, right hand corner.

    Now run the script using the terminal:

    sudo chmod +x ~/Downloads/scriptname
    sudo ~/Downloads/scriptname


    Use version 1.4.4 for Yosemite, as it has a couple of fixes to ensure it works.

    If you ran the script before adding terminal to the accessebility settings, you need to remove the /wpplist folder.

    sudo rm -rf /wpplist

    Thanks for the support, please report any errors or bugs, and I'll work with you to resolve them. If you think you have a better way of doing something in the script, speak up! I'd love to hear your ideas and work with you to implement them. Thanks!



    edit: It appears I'm not getting bootpd started, it might detect the dhcp server already on the network and be trying to use that.

    edit: appears that the InternetSharing process has changed as well, so the "Killing ICS" section of the script does not work.. I have some work to do. Taking 1.4.4 offline for the time being

  5. Hey TGYK,

    thank you for your efforts in developing this script! I am running Yosemite and the script seems to have some problems here. When executing the script as root, I receive this log:

    Killing ICS
    225:412: execution error: System Events got an error: Can’t get window "Sharing" of process "System Preferences". (-1728)
    Backed up old NAT file
    Backed up old bootpd file
    Restored from previous completed configs
    234:421: execution error: System Events got an error: Can’t get window "Sharing" of process "System Preferences". (-1728)
    ICS started
    IP on bridge100 set to
    Set DNS to Google public DNS
    kill: usage: kill [-s sigspec | -n signum | -sigspec] pid | jobspec ... or kill -l [sigspec]
    Reloaded bootpd file for DHCP

    Obviously, the script does not work for me. Are there any specific settings one would have to make on the pineapple itself apart from the script?



    Edit: derp

    I'll have to figure out if the sharing prefpane window is named differently. The kill command error should be fixed for the next version. If you want to work with me and do some testing for me that'd be awesome, send me a PM if you're interested.

  6. Not sure if it's relevant, but for booting some isos on Apple hardware, you have to use hdiutil to convert the iso to an img before dd ing it to the boot media. This is usually done on an existing OSX installation.

    hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o <destination>.img <source>.iso

    Note that the hdiutil adds the .dmg extension to anything it converts (<foo>.img.dmg), so you can either delete the extension, or use the mv command to change the name to <foo>.img

  7. I have a couple of quirks I'd like to address, not sure if they're local to me or not. With the most recent firmware, my red LED does not come on when wlan1 is brought up like the blue one does for wlan0, and the SD card is not mounted from what I can tell. df doesn't list the sd card, mount doesn't list it as mounted. I have /dev/sda and /dev/sda1 devices, as well as /dev/sdcard/sd and /dev/sdcard/sd1 devices, but manual mount on both of these fail with "Invalid argument." I have reflashed a few times, with no change. Has anyone else had these quirks, or am I just missing something?

    Edit: Formatted the SD card and it works now. The LED still doesn't come on when wlan1 is brought up, and now I'm noticing auto harvester isn't working, as I would expect. I turn on PineAP and Auto Harvester, expecting it to pick up on the local APs and add them to the SSID management list, but I'm not seeing anything added. Am I missing something?

  8. Hello everyone.

    I noticed that the OSX ICS support was.. Lacking. Someone found and linked a pretty good tutorial on the wiki, which works fine for most people (Some on earlier OSes have to substitute bridge100 for en0) but it's a tedious process which is annoying. Tedious and annoying processes are what scripts are for! So, I set out designing a script which will enable ICS on OSX automagically. Be warned that I've not yet worked out all the kinks. The script is available on github, and I encourage you apple users to test it and give me your feedback. The code is commented fairly well, and pretty easy to follow.

    Current version: 1.7(Beta)

    Be sure to enable access for assistive devices(10.8 and lower)

    System Preferences > Accessibility > Check "Enable access for assistive devices" at bottom of window

    On newer machines(10.9 and up), add Terminal to the Accessibility section of the Privacy tab of the Security and Privacy settings instead

    System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Select "Privacy" tab at top of window > Select "Accessibility" Tab at left side of window > Click the lock and log in to allow changes > Click the "+" sign below the table > Navigate to /Applications/Utilities/Terminal and select "Open" in the bottom, right hand corner

    If you ran the script before adding it to assistive devices/allowing to control computer, OR you used a script version prior to 1.6, you must remove the /wpplist folder. This can be achieved with 1.6 by running with the -r or the -n options. -r will restore backed up configs, -n will simply generate new configs.

    As always, please notify me of any bugs by either sending me a PM, or replying to this thread. Thanks and enjoy!



    UPDATED! After 5 months of nothing, I've made some small changes, bugfixes and such. The applescript is interactive! As always, please notify me of bugs, suggestions, or issues.



  9. I think most of the problem is with the newest firmware and how it affects the interfaces. I don't know the nitty gritty of the issue, but I do know that wlan manager is also affected, and it has something to do with the new secure wireless ap used for management, on int wlan0-1, I'd suggest either breaking out your favorite editor and going to work fixing stuff, if you're up to it, or brushing up on your command-line-fu.

  10. I find it funny that you want to start a new group of noobs, as you called them, but find a group that has pulled off successful DDoS attacks a joke.

    Is there any actual proof that it was actually them, and not just the pure load on the servers which caused the outages?

    Also, my contribution:

    I applied for my job at Sony, but they canceled The Interview

  11. Pretty sure wlan0-1 is the virtual adapter for secure configuration.

    Ah, so it's the one which broadcasts the management interface? I noticed airmon-ng lists it as being on the atheros radio, does that imply I can't use it for other things, like broadcasting other SSIDs or monitor mode, etc?

  12. I bought the pineapple loaded a few infusions from the pineapple bar and the thing locked up! I try the reboot I tried the manual upload everything and nothing works. Now when the pins are in the regular mode on the green and blue are on and the blue blinks. other than that I didn't drop it or damage it for fry it. It wouldn't allow any reboots after I installed the available programs on the pineapple bar. any suggestions since I cant seem to get ahold of pineapple!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would suggest leaving it attached and allow 10 minutes for boot, as my device will boot with a green and blue flashing light, and when it's booted, show ethernet activity on the yellow led. I'd also check on the connection between your computer and the device, I know apple sharing will break every now and again, and I've written a script to fix it for the Mk5

  13. I have written a small script to do the ICS automagically. Tested on OS X 10.7.5 Lion. Let me know how it works on newer versions!

    Edit: I've made a better script, it's on the wiki*, or can be downloaded directly from here.

    Edit2: The script is working on my 10.7.5 machine, and I'm working with someone else on the forum who can test with a 10.10 machine, we're working towards greater compatibility, and easy-to-understand code if you wish to look at it and alter it in any way. Please let me know if you come up with any issues or suggestions, the most current version as of writing this is 1.3.2.

    *Was going to remove from the wiki due to the incompleteness and incompatibility issues currently being worked through, but the wiki moved, and the link didn't follow with the move, so it is no longer available there.

    Edit3: Fixed link Most recent version is 1.4.2

  14. Do the lights on the MK V come on at all? If so, use a wireless device and you should see a wireless network, "pineapple_" with 4 hex digits after the underscore. You can use this network to set it up. If you insist on using wired network (I don't blame you if you do, I did.) refer to below.

    I'm assuming you're using windows due to the terminology you used. Have you set up ICS to the Pineapple on the interface you plugged it into? If not, please refer to this guide.

  15. Also, the sudo kill -HUP `pgrep bootpd` doesn't work - looking for a particular PID it seems

    Sudo is your friend, also, use "ps -a | grep bootpd" to find the PID

    Hmmm... any headway on this? I'm on Yosemite and I'm having some problems.

    Notes: In Yosemite is com.apple.NetworkSharing.plist the new com.apple.InternetSharing.plist and is bridge0 the new label for the network bridge that was formerly bridge 100?

    I substituted the bridge100 for the en0 interface on my macbook, using osx lion. I could write a revised set of instructions if someone wants me to

  16. I just received a wifi pineapple mk V as a gift today, and after mucking around with it for a bit, I had wlan1 up, and mon0 on wlan1, the device seemed to lose connection (I'm wired directly, so this shouldn't happen) and when I reconnected, the device had no monitor interface, but it had wlan0, wlan1, and wlan0-1. I'm confused as to where this interface came from, how to remove it, and if I should be concerned with removing it. I've tried resetting to defaults using the DIP switches and reflashing, but the interface persists. Please note, I was doing everything through the web management console, and not over SSH

  17. You're using a Mac, that explains it. The version of sed on macs will be BSD rather than GNU and so doesn't support escape codes. You should be able to insert a literal escape into the string with a bit of fiddling. Try something like:

    sed -e 's/'$(echo "\x1B")'\[2K#/\n/g'

    BSD echo doesn't support printing special characters via hex, octal, or escape. I used printf '\033', and confirmed that it does output the escape character, but sed still doesn't recognize it when I use it in the substitution command. Might try awk and see if it works there.

    EDIT: Figured it out! Thanks for the help guys!

  18. Have you tried this to replace all your ^[[2K# entries with newlines (worked when I piped your example through it in bash)

    sed -e 's/\x1B\[2K#/\n/g'

    Doing this in the terminal on my mac isn't working as would be expected, I'm not sure why, but it acts like sed ignores the escape code. I mucked around with the command and various methods to get it to work, but couldn't get anything to work.

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