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  1. No worries, it happens to us all :-) I haven't seen anything onward with it, so hopefully someone else has and will report back.

    Here's hoping! I wouldn't mind being able to set up a pineapple module with this functionality.

    Sick of seeing hipsters on their iphones, ipads, or ipods in your local starbucks? One click of a button and they all disappear.

  2. Hey guys, I just wanna give a shout to the people who are using the script and getting it to work correctly, woohoo for this hackjob actually working! I have put this project on hiatus for a bit as I get other things in life sorted out, and work out a cleaner solution than applescript. I have recently gotten my hands on another newer (unibody) macbook so I will be able to test with even more hardware! I do plan to continue this, but not much any time in the near future. If you still need help, shoot me a pm, or email me at tgyk@tgyk.net! Thanks guys!

  3. All of the data passed to the database is sanitized and inserted with prepared statements using PHP Data Objects (PDO). This is by far the safest method I've come across in adding user defined data to a database.

    Assuming you are protecting against sql injection attacks? I looked around on the page, and debated trying some stuff, but then remembered it's illegal without owner's consent. lol That and I don't remember enough of it to try in a time-efficient manner.

  4. Hi TGYK, thanks a lot for working on this, learning a lot with your script. I can't figure out why not working on my 10.9.4 maverick macbook. Getting the following error echos from terminal, guess its mainly the click it does;t understand how to do. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks.

    754:807: execution error: System Events got an error: every pop up button of group 1 of window "Sharing" of process "System Preferences" doesn’t understand the “click” message. (-1708)
    NAT file created
    NAT file edited
    763:816: execution error: System Events got an error: every pop up button of group 1 of window "Sharing" of process "System Preferences" doesn’t understand the “click” message. (-1708)
    ICS started
    IP on en0 set to
    Set Primary DNS to Alternate to
    File Doesn't Exist, Will Create: /etc/bootpd.plist
    Set: Entry, ":Subnets:0:dhcp_domain_name_server:0", Does Not Exist
    Set: Entry, ":Subnets:0:dhcp_router", Does Not Exist
    Set: Entry, ":Subnets:0:net_range:0", Does Not Exist
    Rewritten bootpd file for DHCP
    Made backup directory for completed config files
    Copied completed config files
    kill: usage: kill [-s sigspec | -n signum | -sigspec] pid | jobspec ... or kill -l [sigspec]
    Reloaded bootpd file for DHCP


    Just to check, you do have accessibility for assistive devices enabled, right?

    Assuming that it is, this is really odd. I know what the "Set:" messages are about, they generally pop up if the plist is 10.9+ and default, though with Maverics, it may be that the plist is different entirely. It may be worth me getting a copy and loading it onto my computer.

    Just for further development purposes, can you run the script with the -v option so I can get the version string for your mac OS X? I need to use it to disable the kill commands for the bootpd process, as it seems to not run on 10.9+


  5. TGYK, just to make this clear, the name of the cat is the key to the subsequent puzzle which is those chunks of letters, and its outcome isn't the name of the cat?

    Correct, the name of the cat is the key to the puzzle. The outcome is a string of 13 words. You'll know you've got it when you see it.

  6. Mpmmmmpffpffmppppp Pmpmfffmpmmfmfpmppppp'fmm mmfmmmfmp pppmmmppmmpp mfffmm pmpmpppffmmpmpppffppffmm (pmpmpppffmmpffm mpfppfpff fmmmfpppfpfffmp). Pfmfmfffpffppmfmpp pppppffmp pppmppmppmpmmppmpm..

    Not sure if this an attempt to solve this or if you're giving another puzzle, but the result of mine will be a short string.

  7. I decided to make a puzzle, all you need is the answer to the question and the puzzle itself. It shouldn't be too difficult.

    What is the name of the show host's cat?

    xfik cudk cxb aue cnf sbrf melkd cudk cxb o dblef oepy dme lbry cxy avkff cxb o dblef oepb due b delkd xfik cnf sbrf melkd xfik cxe bzpza cxb oepy dme lbry cxe b dblef oepb due s due cnf mue pxle dblec ame cnf sbrf mue x mue cxy ame lbry cxy avkff cxe ydk dblef okmb celkd azrby dme lbry cxb o cxe b cnf sbrf mue cudk cxr o cxb aelkd dblef oepb delkd cny fme t cme lbry dblei iucb due x melkd pxle cnf sbrf mue dblec gue pxle dblef okmy cme lbry xfik z zepb due xfik pxle pxle cny fme lbry azrbk ducy dvkff lbry azrbb lbry fvkff lbry

    Have fun!

  8. Thanks for the response. I have seen/ followed this guide numerous times. I am not making any mistakes. But just for gigs I followed it line for line again and the web page is still not available. Any other ideas?

    Wireless LAN adapter WI-FI:

    IPv4 address .......192.168.1.xxx

    subnet mask..........

    Default gateway.......

    Ethernet adapter ethernet:

    IPv4 address

    subnet mask.......

    default gateway.........

    Verify that you have enabled "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection" On the wireless, and that you're not connecting the wireless to the pineapple, but to your wireless router to the internet. If that doesn't work, try a factory reset on the Pineapple using the DIP switches

  9. You might be improperly setting up ICS, please refer to this guide. Don't forget to enable "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection" on the interface you use to connect to the internet, NOT the one going to the pineapple.

    The oddity you get when trying to "Obtain IP address automatically" is simply Windows self-assigning an IP after it can't find a DHCP server.

  10. Here are some pictures i made --> http://postimg.org/gallery/4ux9x2qk/80727a0e/

    Please recheck you cables. The options for Putty are fine.

    You will see the complete boot process and be able to login as root after boot is complete. Of course you need to set the root password during the setup process. But the shell has nothing to do with PineAP in that case.

    I know, I was just saying that they covered changes to the firmware in that google hangout, and recall them mentioning locking down the serial port in it.

  11. Thanks but no joy

    I recall there being a recent change, something about needing to broadcast the password before being dropped into a shell. Not sure on the specifics, but I think it was covered in the most recent hangout between Seb and Darren covering PineAP. Might be worth looking into.

  12. Yeah possibly but i don't want to take it apart this one isn't my modded one and by taking apart i mean looking at the internal of the dip switch box.

    Haha yeah took me a while to figure out on the Arduino but i did it back then i just have to reconfigure it again and look up again how to use it without a full on brick that's non recoverable. But i'm going home and seeing if i can find my older one of the same model, don't really need two at the moment but would be really nice plus it was $100 so yeah haha

    It's really easy to set up the arduino like that, just ground the reset pin, then hook up the Txd, Rxd, and gnd. And yeah, having a $100 brick is disappointing. Hopefully you can work it out!

  13. No i haven't i don't have one, last time i used one i had to use a Arduino uno as one to fix my super old Mark IV

    I wonder if there's a short somewhere, because it does let me boot in the Un-Brick mode

    It's possible one of the DIP switches is not in position fully, or it may be broken internally, causing it to try to run a script or command on boot and failing to find the config. Not sure if this would cause a reboot loop as I've never found myself with the same issues you're describing. I'd still drop the Arduino on it as a usb-TTL device, and see if it spits anything out. (It's awesome that you knew that an Arduino could be used for this too.)

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