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  1. On iPad there is a difference inbetween landscape and portrait mode as described in another topic I started. I like the portrait mode as it is clean and doesn't clutter up the bottom infusions. Can you do this for portrait also in a next realease?
  2. I like the way my iPad displays the infusions when hold in portrait. All minimized infusions are hidden by a small white triangle at the bottom of the page. Clicking this triangle shows or hides the minimized infusions. This is however not the case in landscape mode where they sometimes partly cover up the bottom row of infusions. (I have a lot of infusions minimized!) It would be nice to have the same implementation in landscape mode.
  3. I noticed the same thing using an iPad. Refresh of the page doesn't help, but reloading the page from my bookmarks makes the page become responsive again.
  4. I can confirm that iOS Safari now works fine! Thx!
  5. Thank you, great support! Will try it out later this afternoon.
  6. There is no real FF browser for the iPad AFAIK. Chrome and Terra, that can mimic several browsers, both don't work. Exit: Nor does Mercury.
  7. Firefox eats the pineapple on Win7, but I haven't been able to find a browser for iOS that will work with the PineApple GUI. So far I tried Safari, Terra and Mercury. Can someone please report a working browser for iPad?
  8. Had once the same problem importing a FPV Tx from the US. No declaration of conformity and no CE label on the box nor unit itself. My 1.000 USD package was destroyed, Belgian customs didn't want to send it back. I also risked a fine for importing goods that are not allowed.
  9. Edit: Just noticed there are two more threads about this problem, sorry! After the update it seems impossible for me to change any network setting in the Network infusion. If I want to change the AP SSID to something else than the default Pineapple5_**** I get the message "Invalid CSRF token". Same if I change the channel number. Already tried a reflash to no avail. Happens with IE and iOS on iPad.
  10. Can you give us a link? I tried hakshop.eu but that's not really what I wanted! ;-)
  11. Nope, I guess it was a mistake setting up the website for the BF discount. Anyway I bought a second hand unit from the seller up in this thread.
  12. Hi Darren, wanted to send this to you in a PM but it seems your inbox is full. Just my 2c: Did you notice these ditributors in the UK, DE, NL and BE? They already import goods from the US like SparkFun, Arduino stuff and AdaFruit. Maybe they are also interested in distributing your fruit?! https://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/ http://www.antratek.nl/ http://www.watterott.com/ http://shop.tektonica.com/ Cheers and good luck finding an EU distributor, arachnida
  13. DHL calculates better rates for companies having lots of traffic. Also the handling fee is a fixed rate, so importing 1 Pineapple or 25 makes a huge difference. DHL charged me 25 EUR for a Pebble watch, so for me the Pineapple would be +25 EUR but for a big order of 25 items only +1 EUR / Pineapple. On top of that Belgium seems to be one of the most expensive countries in the EU to import stuff from the US, my friends in The Netherlands and UK pay a lot less taxes. Looking at the pricing of electronics in EU most companies use the same value in EUR as the price in USD, so the currency difference is used for all the taxes and fees. Another reason why I didn't order is I looked at the webside on my iPhone while driving home and saw a nice Black Friday offer. When I arrived home I wanted to order but the price was +10 USD when looking at the same item from my PC?!?
  14. Can't wait to find out what kind of announcement you will have for EU customers! Early this morning I wanted to buy the MarkV but after calculating transport costs, VAT, import tax and handling by DHL I decided to wait. It almost doubles the original price.
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