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  1. Hi, I'm getting following error while patching module.html file: File to patch: module.html patching file module.html Hunk #1 succeeded at 43 (offset 1 line). patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line patch: **** malformed patch at line 142: And no Region-buttons appear under configuration Using Tetra with 1.02 firmware (I believe, the software should be the same for both Nano and Tetra?)
  2. Any progress on the European distributor ? I see, that although separate item shipment prices to Denmark are the same as to UK, the shipment price adds up even if I add tiny things as The Ducky. It does not happen if I choose UK. Fx. If I choose Mark V + Ducky in UK, the shipment price is the same (48$), but if I choose Denmark, additional 12$ is added :-( It is smth. that is intende or can it be fixed as well ? Tnx! P.S. It takes me forever to get any proper answer by email.
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