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  1. Thanks alot for a detailed answer, when i was talking about doing the mitm i was thinking more of something like this: when someone connects to my device and eg. logs on facebook they send the packages through the pineaple, and i was wondering how i could be able to look at those packages. For example their name and password. FYI: im not the best at pineaple yet so excuse my lack of information and also sorry for misspellings Again, thanks for your time
  2. BEST BOOK: Head first java
  3. Thanks alot man <3 we need more people like you on the forums, recently got my pineaple and im new to this so I'm not even sure what to search for, but i will try to do my reacearch better next time.
  4. i reacearched the forum but didn't find anything so that is why i made this topic
  5. so i was wondering if anyone here could tell me, link me or make a video on how to perform the man in the middle attack with the pineapple mark V. thank you - Stanly
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