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  1. Hamstah

    Macchina M2

    Does anyone have an opinion on the Macchina M2 OBD2 device? I am fascinated with the idea of car hacking and wondered if this was a good platform with which to begin my research http://www.macchina.cc
  2. Hamstah

    Love some LAN Turtle

    The only thing I haven't figured out is how to be able to SSH to the SSH server using the directed port (like 2222 used in the setup video). I can ssh into the server and then ssh to port the port, but can't just ssh to the SSH box using that port. I am sure some SSH server settings are needed to be changed. Actually, probably something you don't want to do, but now I am curious. Hamstah
  3. Hamstah

    Love some LAN Turtle

    Yeah, I started with the regular OpenVPN server, but quickly switched to Access Server. Should have been more precise there. I setup the way the video said and it worked like a charm. Well, initially it didn't. That's because I stopped watching the video and missed the last couple of changes that Darren recommended. After i went back and viewed the entire video and made the changes, it worked perfectly Hammy
  4. Hamstah

    Which Field Kit is right for me?

    That's no moon...
  5. I can tell you that my antennas do not move if I screw them in sufficiently. Might need to contact support if yours are flopping around. In terms of the Powercore, I don't see a way to turn it off. I saw a video by Darren and he showed how he unplugs the battery from the Nano and puts the connectors side-by-side, but not plugged in. This seems to fit well in the small carrying case. hamstah
  6. Hamstah

    uci: entry not found

    I think that fixed mine as well. Thanks!
  7. Hamstah

    Love some LAN Turtle

    I have a pineapple and a bash bunny and just got my LAN Turtle. I love my turtle. It will probably be the most practical of my Hak 5 devices. Everything I have tried has worked perfectly (autossh, OpenVPN, nmap, SSHFS). That's all.
  8. Hamstah

    uci: entry not found

    This is a nuisance. Can someone tell me how to eliminate this? I don't get the last post.
  9. Hamstah

    [Official] CursedScreech

    I would love to create a basic payload, but not a programmer. I tried to load VS 2013, but that became a mess. I installed VS 2017 community, but it doesn't look anything like the video tutorials. Any advice for a non-programmer techie with VS 2017 community would be greatly appreciated I feel like I just need a couple of pointers in the right direction UPDATE: I figured it out. I am a programmer now. For some reason, Kuro won't stay running. I will figure that out Too cool UPDATE2: All of my problems resulted from NAT instead of Bridged network on Victim VM. Once I figured that out, there were a few finger fumbles that needed to be corrected. Everything works great now! Perfectly. Two questions. It looks like Microsoft.com and Google.com are getting through the captive portal. Is that by design or a setting? When I click a menu option on the Starbucks captive portal, it actually sends me to the active Starbucks site and to the page I selected. Shouldn't that be blocked?