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  1. I am doing it manually by downloading the pineapple.db from /etc/pineapple and then edit it whit a sqlite editor. If you look at the ssids table you will see some corrupted entries. You have to remove these entries and then upload the file back to the pinaeapple. I am working on a script that does this automatically for me. Once the script works I will try and get it uploaded as a module to my pineapple so this can be resolved via the pineapple without downloading and uploading.
  2. Can anyone tell me how to execute a python script from the web interface? I wrote a script that cleans up the pineapple.db file so all SSIDS in Pool are visible again after running this script. The script is not complete yet but it is functional already. If I can integrate it in the web interface I would love to share it as a plugin for the pineapple tetra and hopefully also nano.
  3. If I do a select statement on the table ssids I get the following error: sqlite3.OperationalError: Could not decode to UTF-8 column 'ssid' with text 'g▒isQ▒J▒)ͺ▒▒▒▒F|▒T▒▒vZ.c3▒ɚ'
  4. Today I needed to fix my pineapple.db file for the second time in an hour. My ssids in pool is empty en the Home page shows 103 ssids in pool. What I do to solve this is downloading the pineapple.db file and remove corrupted entries in the ssid table. I upload the corrected file and then I can see all ssids in the pool again. Is there a way to prevent corrupt entries from being entered in the table?
  5. I was having the same issue. After a reboot I did see new ssid's comming in but after a while they dissapeared again. I downloaded /etc/pineapple/pineapple.db to my computer and opend the file with a sqlite editor. In the table ssids I found a couple of corrupted entries that I removed. I also had a strange entrie in my notifications table that I removed. After that I uploaded the db file to the pineapple in the /root folder and copied it to /etc/pinapple/pineapple.db After a reboot al ssid's where visable again.
  6. Thank you for your quick reply and support. I unfortunately do not know anyone nearby that has a nano. I will try and contact official support and hope they might know what is happening. I will first do a comparison between the nano and the mk5. If you like I can post the results.
  7. My laptop that has the same distance to the router (My router is in plain sight) shows -41db if I check it via Linux. I don't even see my wifi extender that is in an other room. The laptop does see that without problems. I also see 20+ stations on my laptop on my nano I only see 1 extra station with bad signal also. This is not normal behavior. I tried several wifi adapters in the past and they all see a lot of stations, the Nano doesn't. My Mark 5 also sees way more stations with its default antenna's.
  8. My router is about 15 ft away and the signal is -86. Even the AP that is broadcast by the pinapple itself shows -78 and jumps down to -47 but not stronger. I did not try different antennas, these are the only once I have. No I never used the nano without antenna. If I check the reception with my laptop I see way more networks and my router signal is full bars. I have the nano connected to my laptop.\\The nano is upgraded to the latest firmware and I fully factory reset it and also formated the sd card I am using. Is there anything else I can check or post?
  9. MY PineApple Nano does not see a lot of networks either. I have to be close to a router to even see it. Is there a way this can be resolved?
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