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  1. I am not having the magical experience I thought I would have with the Alfa NHA:- Sometimes it shows on boot, sometimes it doesn't Sometimes it is able to grab an IP via Wifi Manager, sometimes it needs a push from Network Sometimes all of the above works, sometimes it decides to tease you into thinking it's working only to silently die half an hour later What sort of masochistic AI has been secretly added to this? Why does it hate me so? Most importantly, what can I do about it?
  2. I believe most people are accomplishing this using the Wifi Manager Infusion's ICS tab rather than this routing table, but if it's also possible here I'd be interested to hear the answer too.
  3. Hello, Am I right in thinking that br-lan is able to monitor any traffic passed through the entire system, regardless of whether eth0, wlan1/2, or a usb 3G dongle is set as the ics point? In example, one has wlan0 set to access, wlan1 connected to an existing AP providing internet connectivity. p0f is set to monitor br-lan. If there's any existing documentation on this please provide a link; i did look around but wasn't successful. Thanks
  4. …and, embarrassingly enough, the simple solution was to mess with the encryption types in Wifi Manager. Job done. Crisis averted. Cheers!
  5. Just to add (and I would edit the initial post if I were allowed), I have tried the following: Restart Pineapple Disable all infusions Enable/disable wlan1 Reset all wireless configs Reboot without SD card Change }elseif($ap->security->WPA2 != null && $ap->security->WPA2 != null){ to }elseif($ap->security->WPA != null && $ap->security->WPA2 != null){ in functions.php Crossing fingers/toes/praying Wlan0 is set to access point/LAN Wlan1 is set to client mode/WAN Result of ssh 'wifi' command: command failed: Device or resource busy (-16)
  6. Hello, I've been using the pineapple's client mode quite happily on my routers in location 1, but am having no luck with any in location 2 - something I must assume is due to encryption types. I had read a few topics here regarding the issue (in particular one from 2013 mentioning a config alteration) but haven't had any luck. If someone could point me to existing topics on the matter or tell me what logs to post here for diagnosis that'd be great. Cheers, HP
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