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  1. Yeah, i must of zipped the wrong ipk my bad, but it should be in a decent releasable state soon. Thank you for testing
  2. All im looking for really in this test version, is if all the output is there . It should also be quite a bit more output than what we are use to seeing.
  3. Looks like core utils sleep should be used instead of the busy box one that comes with pineapple. And also, with a little work, should be able to get the xterm calls over to a tmux session instead. I'll have to look into this sometime-)
  4. If that does not work, i will look at it later when im at my dev box. as i have a few of the test stage ipks ready to deploy to the pineapple anyways. next time ill be sure to mirror the uploads aswel, incase of a corrupt upload
  5. Oh i see whats wrong. It is challanging it to the current list it has from an opkg update. If you were to restart the pineapple and the do not do opkg update, but just cd /sd opkg install the reaver ipk it should install
  6. You shouldnt have to chmod it? did you you put in it the root of the sd card?
  7. And for those whom need to see proof of pixiewps on the pineapple, here is a screen shot. Left side is pineapples build, right side is kali http://gyazo.com/0f997a86a5346260818ec9948a93c9ef And the broken pipe after pixiewps on the pineapple is because i had disconnected from it while ssh was active, just incase anyone thinks it was an error from pixiewps
  8. and pixiewps works for the pineapple, tested with some hashes and worked great. but if you are use to using it on a pc, the times to calculate the hashes have upped a bit. on my pc, takes miliseconds for the calulations. on the pineapple, been seeing anywhere from 2 - 15 seconds. still not bad, but it is to be expected from the 400mhz mips processor :D
  9. update, for shits and giggles, i got the make file done for pixiewps, and compiled for the pineapple, and so far it is working. havent yet tested it against hashes, but will do soon :)
  10. can someone test the output of this for me? please use it in conjunction with the '-vv' switch and look for [P] lines should be: PKR PKE AuthKey EHash1 EHash2 E-NONCE R-NONCE if it outputs all those, then good :) also as for pixiewps, we have a multithreaded version in the works, so porting will wait until that release but for now, i need someone whom is willing to test this version of reaver, my pineapple is having some slight issues at the moment http://www39.zippyshare.com/v/nD38lOIZ/file.html extract the .ipk from the zip and place it on your sd card then, cd /sd opkg install reaver_r113-1_ar71xx.ipk this will overwrite any your previous reaver install, so please do so at your own risk. and if whomever tests this, can post a a copy of its output, would be greatly appreciated again, use it with -vv and -P switches ( -P is in place to prevent possible lockouts, and you will have to terminate reaver it manually in this mode ) http://www39.zippyshare.com/v/nD38lOIZ/file.html
  11. Just wanted to keep everyone updated afain. I am still working on this but there has been an introduction of a compatability bug in reaver across numerous linux distro's, which has probably been there since its early versions, and just now surfacing after some other 'needed' lib updates / installs. this issue is being investigated.
  12. Actually, you CAN use the wlan1 radio on the pineapple directly with kali, i do it all the time. I havent tried any method for the wlan0 interface with kali but thats just because i dont need to. Anyways, to use the wlan1 interface on kali or any linux and i believe windows, get the usbip packages installed on the pineapple from opkg, the do the same on your kalilinux machine via apt-get. It takes a little setting up, but there are various guides on the interwebs.
  13. And if all go's as i expect without my personal life getting in the way, will probably see the release of reaver tomorrow, and if anyone wants, i can put up the aircrack version aswel. But do note, that in these releases of aircrack, airmon-ng has been replaced with airmon-zc but is still known as airmon-ng. Which will create monitor interfaces as wlan1mon instead of mon1, which may interfere with some of the system functions and or infusions just purely looking for a monx interface instead of wlanxmon interfaces Edit: I've decided to just hold off on releasing the new aircrack, as im sure it will be released with the next fw update and it will eliminate any issue if i were to do a 'pre-release'. So just wait for the next Firmware update.
  14. so the todo list will be to finish up reaver to a minimal use for the pixie hashes, then get pixiewps goin
  15. Thought i'd update ya, i have compiled a version of reaver for displaying the hashes needed for pixiehashes, it will generally display more output that what we have done with our t6x fork, but its For more of a future compatability reason. Its working as expected but just need to add my -P option to it, and make some other small adjustments so we can run it without having to kb interrupt it to finish. Also ive compiled the latest aircrack-ng 1.2 rc 2 and have it working properly aswel
  16. new versions of aircrack are easy to rebuild for the pineapple, as everything is already there for build with the pineapple / openwrt dev packages :) so im sure i could put those builds up aswel if seb hasnt already. also, to note that wash doesnt install itself properly if you are installing reaver to SD, if thats the issue you were having. symlinks have to be made in the proper locations. see my post here https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/31454-support-wps/page-17#entry255568 but the issue not being exactly with wash itself, but more so the needed directories not being built and with our new reaver builds, the locations of install have also changed
  17. I think i may first have to trim out some features for the release of my modded reaver for stability reasons, but all the needed output will be there and i will even probably provide a nice script to launch and collect the data for either offloading the collected data to pc, or just to do it all on the pineapple. Now, the plan of action will be to first release a minimal required feature set to the pineapple regarding reaver and pixiehash gathering. The next move in the step would be to test pixiewps crosscompiles and make optimizations where i can. It will be considerably slower on our pineapples but 'should' work. I worry about putting too much load on the pineapple when doing calculations for realtek. Then after i have those two built, stable and ready to go, the next step is to unify reaver and pixiewps much like me and t6x have been working on with our reaver fork.
  18. I have my own reaver i use compiled for the pineapple, i will however try and bring mine and t6x's fork over to the pineapple for public use. the latest release of pixiewps should work natively on the pineapple, as i had to work with wiire to try and provide some code changes for us to port over for endianness of the pineapple. You can expect to see a release of reaver from me for the pineapple later this week, i apologize for the delay
  19. Good news! Looking forward to it :-)
  20. So better download and back it up while you can. The only thing I've noticed I had to do with the infusion to make it work is change / add proper command switch's. Otherwise it still works great via cli
  21. Is the new fw coming today? That's the word on the street ;-)
  22. not the most normal thing I've ever heard at all. I'd get checked out by a doctor if it escalates further.
  23. BAH! We all just want to see the new codename art Darren comes up with ;-)
  24. Well being that I had a big hand in the code here, it doesn't fail if you attack k against the right vuln sources. I've had success with over 100+ routers
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