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  1. Good news, lots of bug fixes and improvements, and will be stable enough for us to put in the master github branch and we will create a sub branch for openwrt big endian, and we've added logging Of pixie hashes (great feature, and eliminates the need of resource hog scripts redirect and to grep them out, so wardrivers get ready!) in the openwrt versions and that will be merged over to the master aswel. Bug fixes, tons of bug fixes done!
  2. Are you using the stock power adapter? If so, can you test with a different one?
  3. But i do promise you that i am working hard to get things ironed out with reaver to make it as stable as possible, and Seb is well aware of this project, as i keep him rather updated on my progress and changes, and as does he on his end. And at this point in time, i wouldnt advise him to put it in the repos in it current state, but it is getting better. Just because it works fine right now, does not mean their aren't some underlying problems that need to be sorted before considering to put it on the official repos. and its not just this version of reaver, its also bugs persistent from reaver 1.3 onward. And not just with openwrt / pineapple versions of it either. But hopefully this can all be worked out and said as a stable release sooner than later
  4. The hak5 team will decide whether or not if it is stable enough later in its progression, if they want to put it in their official repos. As far as an infusion being made and obtaining reaver elsewhere other than their official repos, you have to state it is not an official package to the user and that it is not a supported package by hak5. and it is all done at the users own risk. And they have to of acknowledged that and soforth. Im not sure if it still stands that way or not, but at one point in time, the infusion PortalAuth had to do this to be able to be put on the pineapple bar.
  5. Well, it all starts with something like this being done. Most of the infusions rely on the packages aquired through opkg, or third party packages. And once its available as such, infusion developers can then start making infusions to take full advange of these packages and their commands, and put it in an easy to use gui and obtained through the pineapple Bar. If you would like it as an infusion, maybe you can create a thread in the infusion sub-forum, or contact an infusion developer and just simply make a request. They may or may not choose to make it available as of yet, because my reaver builds are still in an experimental stage. And may choose to wait and see if it becomes stable enough to be put into the official markv package repositories. I'd like to see them put into an infusion also :-)
  6. wifite-ng (should) check for rnonce, as its been updated quite frequent. But opposed to autopixiewps, its just a few lines needed to be added where in the reaver function where it checks if in line PKE PKR etc etc, then at the end of the loop it does a check if the hashes are completed and there need to be a check for the rnonce variable in there as wel. I can do this when i get some free time, maybe tomorrow or the next day
  7. Ive added a patch to besside-ng to perform only wep cracking and should be available next fw update. As for an infusion, im sure one will be made eventually :-)
  8. Just a note, that you should install reaver 1.5.2 FIRST in the method explained in my post, then install pixiewps second, via this one line command: opkg update && opkg install pixiewps pixiewps is now in the official pineapple repositories. So no need to download pixiewps from the link in my post. And it is recommended that you reboot the pineapple first thing before any of the installation process
  9. Yeah thank you for the video man, i will get around to better formatting the original topic, and if you would like you video tutorial on installing and or one on usage, id be glad to put it up on the original post. But as it stands now, seb has updated the repository for pixiewps to be installed through: opkg update && opkg install pixiewps Reaver 1.5.2 openwrt port is still in its testing phases, and we are planning to update the master fork on t6x's github rather soon. with some needed bug fixes That have been carried on through the years of reavers early builds. So while things are still in this stage, i will provide pre-compiled packages here for you guys. But some answers to questions you had on your video: pixiewps doesnt need -S , but if you do use -S, you also need to reflect that in reavers command line with -S (small dh keys ) but it will only work with its vector of attack to the supporting chipset(s). I recommend not using -S in reaver / pixiewps, as you will get better results With all available chipset attacks currently implemented. And as for PKR, that ties in with -S. Using dh small keys eliminates PKR while PKR is not needed for some, it will be with others. So yes, PKR is an important hash to gather if not using -S. Now about autopixiewps, looking at the code, it should work great, but it needs a must have change in the way it calls wash (otherwise the results will come up empty ). You have to open up autopixiewps, and remove its -C from the wash call within. And will Also want to add the proper in line checks for R-NONCE.
  10. And I'd say sir, that is money very well spent!
  11. Also, im working on some slight memory improvements for the openwrt builds of reaver 1.5.2. So i might be throwing memory improvement test builds up here in the near future.
  12. the issues with the 3rd party scripts, such as wifite, need to have the "-C" switch removed from the wash command line, aanarchyys wifite-ng reflects this change, and should be good to go. I havent been able to test if it works on a pineapple but it should.
  13. Autopixie does redirect some files to be written to the root execution folder, if you look for like wash redirect outputs on the pineapple while its running, open them and please report back if they are properly populated. I cant think of the naming of the outputs that autopixiewps does at the moment, but i do know they Should be there
  14. There seem to be issues with wifite and such with the current build ( even on kali ) not displaying wps functionality. Me and t6x been talking about it,trying to see if we should revert some changes or implement an improvement fix for it.
  15. Welp, i guess that confirms it being what cooper heard
  16. reaver 1.5.2 has been updated to reflect the latest master fork bugfixes and changes. new download link: reaver_r152_ar71xx.ipk 159 KB https://mega.co.nz/#!65YGTT4I!AIDbIz5qS1__xHS-8GY7bMYZ16zQnTH_oDJXrHX7NHk
  17. I've released pixiewps 1.1 and reaver 1.5.2 for the pineapple check here: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/35864-release-pixiewps-11-reaver-152/
  18. --Some notes on pixiewps. The cross compiles on this post of pixiewps are no longer needed, as its now in the official pineapple repositories WOOHOO! and can be obtained via: opkg update && opkg install pixiewps or sd card install: opkg update && opkg -d sd install pixiewps this version of pixiewps requires to be run from bash if you are going to be supplying full CLI arguments to it, the default ssh shell in the pineapple (ash) does not like the long CLI arguments that need to be supplied to pixiewps for it to work properly. so do so after being in a bash shell :) so before usage, ssh into the pineapple and simply type: bash then you can proceed normally to pixiewps's arguments. and that's all, if you have issues not being able to input the entire hashes, then its because you skipped this part.. and probably on purpose. tsk tsk tsk. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- to install reaver 1.5.x on our pineapples and other big endian openwrt ar71xx routers, simply transfer it to the pineapple, either using sftp or scp. I personally use FileZilla, its free and available on linux and windows, and has a nice gui for sftp etc. or on android i use es file explorer and add the pineapples sftp network location, however you want to get it on there, just get it there :) After you have the ipk on the pineapple ready for install, either on SD or internal memory ( if internal, i'd suggest /tmp ) cd to the directory where you put them, and then opkg install reaver_Big_endian-2_ar71xx.ipk It's also important that you do not have a packages.zip from an "opkg update", it will fail to install reaver because it wants to check it against the md5 it has for the r113 version of reaver that is available in the repos. if you reboot the pineapple, it should clear out the packages.zip. and do not run opkg update before installing this reaver. so example if i put it on my sdcard: --Internal memory install: cd /sd opkg install reaver_Big_endian-2_ar71xx.ipk --SDcard install: cd /sd opkg -d sd install reaver_Big_endian-2_ar71xx.ipk but if you choose to install reaver to the sdcard, just like the previous versions for the pineapple / openwrt you will probably also want to issue the following AFTER installing reaver: mkdir /etc/reaver ln -s /sd/etc/reaver/reaver.db /etc/reaver/ ln -s /sd/usr/bin/reaver /usr/bin/ ln -s /sd/usr/bin/wash /usr/bin/ this is due to things not being properly set up during install, so wash and reaver will not work properly if you do not issue the commands above. and that is only for SD installations, internal installations in my experience work perfectly fine. ---------------------------------------------------- I cant put enough emphasis on this, these are not official packages provided from the hak5 team, and there for are NOT supported by them. Until if and or when they add them into their official repos, and you download it from their official repos, this is all installed at YOUR OWN RISK. so using these provided ipk's, do not go to the hak5 team for support for which are not officially provided by them. i also hold no responsibility for any damage or for your usage that may occur, i can provide the sources and installable ipk's, and can give you my word that their is no malicious code added to these ipk's, they are clean and no infection. it is your choice and responsibility if you want to use them or not. You've been warned, now here are the goods :) ------------------------------------------------------------ the main github has been updated to reflect successful compilation in a openwrt environment, if you would like to compile it yourself. Old build: reaver_r152_ar71xx.ipk 159 KBhttps://mega.co.nz/#!HxBXjBAY!bF44N0IWrtEapVowmRhqGuAUdrZRq5j6B8YLJf6iqZs Old build: reaver_r152_ar71xx.ipk 159 KBhttps://mega.co.nz/#!65YGTT4I!AIDbIz5qS1__xHS-8GY7bMYZ16zQnTH_oDJXrHX7NHk OLD BUILD: reaver_Big_endian-1_ar71xx.ipk 154 KB https://mega.co.nz/#!W8BylCLB!HvrMr-PBwRU4fda1NQssUeOKNaIt13-Ps_d-TL6W0hQ NEW BUILD reaver_Big_endian-2_ar71xx 154 KB https://mega.nz/#!C9oiSDxI!aaZa7MacA1FpFlanz7mLF4RF7QDw86ldK731Iy5e9Q8 This update reflects some needed memory improvements ---------------------------------------------------------------------- new features and bug fixes. important note, -vvv (yes that 3 v's) is now used to display "PixieHashes" you must use this now instead of -vv. also, we've added auto hash logging with the -H switch. so if coupled with -vvv and or -P or -K 1 etc, it will save a log of all the hashes gathered with a filename of the target bssid [macaddress].pixie in the executing directory, so make sure you cd /sd first! this file also includes a full command ready for putting into pixiewps, or you can chmod +x the file, and just run it as a script to auto crack the hashes. there has also been a new default pin generator added :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I've now pushed the updates of the source to the repositories, and created a separate branch for our big endian processors here, if you would like to review the source code and or compile it yourself. https://github.com/t6x/reaver-wps-fork-t6x/tree/Big_endian ------------------------------------------------------------ For more information on these tools, see: pixiewps: https://github.com/wiire/pixiewps reaver 1.5.x: https://github.com/t6x/reaver-wps-fork-t6x https://github.com/t6x/reaver-wps-fork-t6x/tree/Big_endian reaver 1.5.x is a modified addition in which heavily incorporates pixiewps and other tools, features & outputs for the offline bruteforce of WPS Pin numbers, also known as the "Pixie Dust" attack, on top of its standard WPS functionality. these are provided "as is" and expect there to be bugs, as I'm sure there might be issues in some areas with its usage on openwrt. Be smart, be safe, and don't do anything that may be illegal in your country. check with your local laws before using these tools.
  19. will post reaver and pixiewps very soon. And please, i cant put enough emphasis on this, these are not official packages peovided from the hak5 team, and there for are NOT supported by them. Until if and or when they add them into their official repos, and you download it from their official repos, this is all installed at YOUR OWN RISK. so using these provided ipk's, do not go to the hak5 team for support for which are not officially provided by them. i also hold no responsibility for any damage or for your usage that may occur, i can provide the sources and installable ipk's, and can give you my word that their is no malicious code added to these ipk's, they are clean and no infection, ive simply made them to work on openwrt ar71xx big endiann devices. it is your choice if you want to use them or not. edit: released here: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/35864-release-pixiewps-11-reaver-152/
  20. Im going to be having these pushed to the respective repos, so stay tuned.
  21. i need testers for mine and t6x's reaver 1.5.2 if you would like to test it, and if i accept you to test it ( dont need a ton of testers ) send me a PM here on the forums, and i will provide the link. has full pixiedust outputs, thanks to the folks whom tested and provided their outputs prior to this, i was able to make this a quick process. BUT, just because i got it cross compiled, does not mean that it will work 100%, and until i release pixiewps, some specific features will not work ( -K ). i need people to test things such as the default key generater ( -W i believe ). i think that might be broken and have to convert its portion to the big endianness aswel, not sure yet. and i do repeat, this build and previous test builds i had people test, is not and are not official from the hak5 team, so do not go asking them for help from my test builds, as im sure its not supported. you test these at your own risk. but as my pineapple isnt working ( might have to get a replacement when i can afford it ) i am doing this somewhat blindly, and need people to test for me.
  22. I will however along side put out a python script in conjunction with the modified reaver and pixiewps
  23. if the merge goes nicely, and there arent more bugs with the newer test version, then we will be seeing this rather soon.
  24. Ill leave the infusion end of things to the infusion creators, especially since there is already a wps infusion. All im doing is making the tools that i worked on available on the pineapple, so they can be used in infusions
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