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  1. It does work for me and on the latest firmware. I would suggest before ruling it as something wrong with the pineapple, have you tried it on a different router? Have you factory reset the pineapple? Have you tried to verify that all settings on the internet providing are correct, and or on the pineapple?
  2. If you did a scan with wlan1, the rtl8187 has a sensitivity limit of about -75 rssi for discovering networks. The range on any rtl8187 is great, but it's sensitivity isn't high. So if wlan0 showed you more networks, it could be due to the sensitivity it picks up networks. If you want a card with a good balance of range and sensitivity higher than the rtl8187, stability and good injection, I suggest the awus036NH / NEH. If you put wlan1 in monitor mode, and then ssh into the pineapple, and issue : airodump-ng -i mon0 And let that run for a little while, what are your results on aps found? Is it more than before? You can also try changing the txpower to something higher, and then scan again. iw reg set BZ ifconfig wlan1 down iwconfig wlan1 txpower 30dBm ifconfig wlan1 up
  3. I'm pretty sure this can all be set up by editing the wireless configuration file stemming from /etc ( I'll check soon ) If you edit the pineapples wlan0 ( open network ) to have the password of that of the target, all ap's spoofed from pineAP will require that password. That is at least true a few firmware revisions ago. And then you can add the network name to the list AP's to spoof, then you should be good. Edit: Okay, yeah the wireless file is in /etc/config And is called "wireless"
  4. Id have to load take a look around the pineapple later, but im sure you can block the hosts / ips with dnsmasq.conf something like, this: https://github.com/opav/pixelserv-openwrt you will still need to popuate a list of blocked ad hosts though.
  5. Projects like this come to mind http://www.infobyte.com.ar/down/isr-evilgrade-Readme.txt Didnt watch the video, but maybe something along those lines?
  6. Here it is, just incase. My proper sd install chain is such. ssh into the pineapple and Copy paste the following mkdir /etc/reaver ln -s /sd/etc/reaver/reaver.db /etc/reaver/ ln -s /sd/usr/bin/reaver /usr/bin/ ln -s /sd/usr/bin/wash /usr/bin/
  7. Im assuming its installed to sd? If so, a few pages back on this thread is a proper sd install i posted for reaver.
  8. If you had installed reaver and bully, please see my post a few pages back about the proper install chain you must do for sdcard installs of reaver
  9. It is my understanding, that our reaver fork is now officially in the pineapple repositories!! :-)
  10. It is my understanding, that our reaver fork is now officially in the pineapple repositories!! :-)
  11. a good "refresh" of the interfaces is good every now and then :-) also, make sure you ifconfig wlan1 down prior to reaver / wash / aircrack use. Of course, replace wlan1 with whichever wlanx interface you put into monitor mode for reaver :-) that can cause problems also if you don't. Glad you got it sorted :-)
  12. Hi, the wps infusion doesn't currently include the new reaver fork and pixiewps, but it will be once the reaver fork is in the official pineapple package repositories.Second, can you please provide an output of what happens when you try to install reaver and bully via ssh commandline? For internal install opkg update && opkg install reaver bully For sd install opkg update && opkg -d sd install reaver bully If you read back a few pages, or che k my thread on pixiewps and reaver, you will see some additional steps for getti g reaver / wash to work on an SD install
  13. No worries, it happens to us all :-) I haven't seen anything onward with it, so hopefully someone else has and will report back.
  14. reaver_Big_endian-2_ar71xx https://mega.nz/#!C9oiSDxI!aaZa7MacA1FpFlanz7mLF4RF7QDw86ldK731Iy5e9Q8 This update reflects some needed memory improvements
  15. I have made memory improvements in reaver, i will post the compiled binary a bit later :-)
  16. I was thinking just that. I lol'd :-D
  17. No credit required for me, As Daddyphathax gave a good solution to the problem :-) just glad you got your issue resolved. And hope you enjoy the pineapple!
  18. I was unable to reproduce the issue also.
  19. I will test on a fresh flash and report back
  20. so, you factory reset and then it starts doing this again eventually? Have you swapped out the stock sd card and used a different one? i would also look for a better power supply with 12v 1a.
  21. ive updated reaver, exciting new features and bug fixes, and more to come soon!
  22. First post updated, new build up, with new features and bug fixes. important note, -vvv (yes that 3 v's) is now used to display "PixieHashes" you must use this now instead of -vv. also, ive added auto hash logging with the -H switch. so if coupled with -vvv and or -P or -K 1 etc, it will save a log of all the hashes gathered with a filename of the target bssid [macaddress].pixie this file also includes a full command ready for putting into pixiewps, or you can chmod +x the file, and just run it as a script to auto crack the hashes. there has also been a new default pin generator added :)
  23. pineapples default shell is ash, not bash. so ssh into the pineapple, then Type: bash Thats all, and it will allow for larger arguments ( to copy and paste the large amount of hashes for pixiewps )
  24. You must be in a bash shell within the ssh session
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