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  1. I think the Kenny Rogers self defence videos explain it all, especially with the cattle prod.
  2. Trust sud0nick and his help offered, and just... relax. he's a good guy. Your frustration is understandable, but instead of bashing his great work he's done on this, work with him to get some problems you are having, solved. I for one am currently enjoying the recent builds of portal auth. Thanks sud0nick for the continued development, and amazing support and implementation of such tools :-)
  3. I have blueprints for the MK6, and have a MK6 prototype. It's pretty damn awesome hw wise, and it's badassness is all you've ever dreamed of.
  4. For c#, you would indeed be doing a new Process. Process myProc = new Process(); Then setting up its StartInfo properties. Also for args, setup a string variable if you'd like. string myProgramArgs = " /h /t --blablafoobarbla " The one that handles what executable to launch is: myProc.StartInfo.FileName = "c:\myProgram.exe" + " " + myPragramArgs; Sudonicks post below, is more detailed, and is a nice helper method :-).
  5. +1 for PowerShell I'd have to agree with coop, stick closer to the related task and something you are familiar with
  6. I'd also like to note on top of grabbing a new sdcard, that you can also use usb storage media.
  7. In older versions we had -K 1 2 3 as seperate options to pass through to pixiewps, and use the appropriate mode in pixiewps. This has long since changed, and only -K 1 is required for the automation of pixiewps. Also, In updated versions, there is a -H option added to reaver, that saves log files in the executing directory of pixiehashes from tested AP's. This implementation in your script could also prove helpful in testing which target aps have been tested or not. As far as the script on the pineapple, it does work with some modifications to the script ( because the build of the pixie compatible reaver in the repo, is newer than what's stock in Kali / nethunter ). And ruby is among some of the things I initially install, so yes, it is functional. All in all, very nice and useful script :-) I don't really see a need for a shell script port, as ruby is also widely supported on many platforms.
  8. http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/uci/wireless#wpamodes
  9. i'd like to make note that -vvv is required for the newer / updated builds of our reaver fork for it to work with pixiedust collection and -K 1.
  10. In theory, this would very much so work as an injection set of portal auth. As we can launch scripts with the injection set. The only thing that differs in the video, is it captures a handshake or half handshake of the client and target AP. And checks the captured password credential in aircrack with said handshake. Which would also be possible with the pineapple, and through the injection set script. This could also be made as a standalone infusion, but seeing that all things are in place and already made for this to be possible ( aside from said injection set and script ), I personally do not think a seperate infusion needs to be made. Love the idea though. If I get enough free time I can look into this also
  11. apart from a new infusion, This should also be easy enough to implement with a portalauth injection set with some script to run on the "connect" button press to check the validity of the apart credentials provided, and evilportal. I do like the idea though :)
  12. So, you want to be able to fake a client profile? Such as Change MAC, and Change associated network history of your spoofed clients?
  13. Depending on the code needed, why not use python as the payload delivery language for such authkey, create a file somewhere on the target, and have the actual payload read from said file, and then use cx_freeze to make an executable of the python delivery system (or similar python to binary converters if needed). That way users of the payload can adjust the very payload to their needs. This method of payload delivery should be sufficient for most target operating systems. And hell, could even target android with using stagefright (or other vuln if users need root or system privs), then with android and an apk with the proper permissions, can get some juicy info from the phone to make sure users are entering the real username credentials for said Gmail account. I also remember seeing an apk pakager for python scripts... somewhere.. python4android will take care of most access to proper permissions and such etcetcetc :-) I'm sure you can get a general idea of the implementations scope from what I'm saying. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Nice, I also tend to always make the ui an orange and dark blue and dark grey mix bg. It's a pain however to change that of the infusions that do not inherit from the main css. I script those color changes though
  15. Maybe through hostapd_cli, you also need to provide a location of the blacklist etc
  16. And had tested, and it does. Do you have highest verbose modes enabled?( -vvv ) that should be enabled if not. also, some AP's do not report back the wpa password, but will with the pin only. A bit of a self note, i should make a change back to reaver so that only -vv is required again
  17. What makes revdk3 incompatible with the pineapple, is the use of xterm. Creating a script as such, for the pineapple, should either be streamlined in just one shell, or making use of the 'screen' package.
  18. For the first issue, reaver -i wlanxmon, is invalid use. You must at the least, supply a target bssid ( -b ). And for airodump, are you doing airodump-ng -i wlanxmon --wps
  19. I'm not sure why I would have put that here? Edit: Never mind,it seems it was in response to his "side issue"
  20. This was fixed in firmware 2.4, so anyone reading this, please upgrade your firmware as newbi3 stated
  21. The problem you are having with reaver seems it could be fixed with setting a timeout length. I am unsure of which switch(s) it is at the moment, but reaver --help will outline this for you. Reaver can be a bit more picky than bully at times, and vise versa. But I suspect that issues you and a few others are having, is a quality of the signal, not just the strength. So try with a different antenna, the 9dbi works nicely. Also, for setting the txpower on boot, you can use a dipswitch setup to run the commands :-)
  22. If your local laws permit to upping and using 30dBm, you should be fine running the rtl8187 (wlan1) for quite some time. You should be fine running at that for a few hours. Just let it take a break for a while if you don't have a fan cooling it on the bottom vents.
  23. The new firmware, as you know, now uses the latest aircrack which sets as wlanxmon. The infusion, was designed before this update. So there needs to be an update to scan with wlanxmon. As with reaver and bully not associating, while you do have a good signal strength, there could be interference somewhere. Have you tried upping your txpower on the attacking interface? If not, try setting it to 30dBm.
  24. You can use wlan1 radio, but have to set up "usbip" on Kali and the pineapple.
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