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  1. cheeto, do you have anything else plugged into the nano? Like an further (w)lan adapter? As I have pluged in a wlan2 adapter I sometimes get bootup errors like blue LED is off, after boot up. Maybe this is an error source.
  2. that's exactly the problem. I'm looking for a configuration in which I can store multiple network ssids and keys so that I do not have to care about what AP is available. Is there any syntax like that: config wifi-iface option device 'radio2' option ifname 'wlan2' option mode 'sta' option network 'wan' option ssid 'xxxx' option encryption 'psk2+ccmp' option key 'xxxx-key' // alternatively option said 'yyyy' option encryption 'psk2+ccmp' option key 'yyyy-key'
  3. hmm, I think /etc/config/wireless will be the right place. But I have no clue what to add to gain a backup/alternative/List of hotspot (for STA mode). Anyone an idea?
  4. Hey Community, I'm always have an wlan2 (nano-USB-adapter) plugged in the pineapple so I don't need a further device for internet connection. (yeah, I know: one more adapter sucking energy) BUT: Is there a way to keep the encryption passwords for the host networks saved? I mean, testing at home is fine, but when I move my position I always have to log in manually if my primary host is out of reach. Any suggestions on how to automate the client mode connect on changing hosts? Thanks.
  5. my /dev/root is also used 100%. Isn't it supposed to be like that?! Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on rootfs 2.3M 364.0K 1.9M 16% / /dev/root 12.5M 12.5M 0 100% /rom tmpfs 29.9M 236.0K 29.7M 1% /tmp /dev/mtdblock3 2.3M 364.0K 1.9M 16% /overlay overlayfs:/overlay 2.3M 364.0K 1.9M 16% / tmpfs 512.0K 0 512.0K 0% /dev /dev/sdcard/sd1 6.2G 24.5M 5.9G 0% /sd
  6. As I read your answer I tried booting up via power bank (I'm in office). Result: Very Instable. Booting for ages then finally gets WLAN1 working for short but starts rebooting immediately. I'll try later with the wall-plug. What I realized is that the MKV really fast get warm (due to booting). I can also connect to web-Interface but this is as well VERY slow...
  7. same for me.. Strange but fine as it is working now...
  8. Dear all, thanks for trying to help. I booted the Mark V today wall-plug-powered an dWLAN1 was there again. Usually I use an USB-Powerbank with provides ~2A @ 5V (so 10VA). I think due to new firmware the MKV needs a little more while booting so WLAN1 was not recognized. So for me it's working again - maybe try that as well. BR M
  9. exactly the same for me.. need help.. red LED not glowing anymore as well.. :-(
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