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  1. I know, I added further information to the bug tracker. Let's see, if Seb or Darren will have an idea and/or solution.
  2. go to NETWORK section (above CONFIGURATION) There you should be able to select wlan2 to scan as CLIENT MODE. If its not present it might not be compatible.
  3. No one?! Thought I'm not the only one with this issue, am I?
  4. Formatting might also help. (at least for me)
  5. sounds to me like your pineapple isn't online at all. (did you disable the Laptops (?) wifi?) Can you load the Bulletins on the Dashboard of the Pineapple? Or can you download modules? If not, you are not online. Did you enable ICS (internet Connection Sharing) so the pineapple gets internet via the laptop (if connected via USB)? I'm personally like to use (and due to Mac OS) a additional USB-WiFI-Adapter (plug'n'play) to connect the Nano to the internet. (unter NETWORK => WIFI CLIENT MODE you can select the wlan (wlan2 would be the additional wifi-adapter) and SCAN for available networks to connect. Once your Nano is online the internet should be shared by default.
  6. Hi devs, I just did some researches as I have the problems that recon is hardly showing any results. (only a few APs and sometimes a few out-of-range) - but less than I know and my macbook is actually showing. As I mentioned in an other thread: - The Recon scan takes up to 5 seconds till starting. (-also PineAP only logs very(!) few probes and almost none associations.) To analyse whats going on I checked what Recon is doing (/usr/bin/pineapple/site_survey) and startet the jobs manually via SSH: - I added a Ralink Technology, Corp. RT5370 Wireless Adapter (cheapest Nano USB-Adapter) as wlan2 (no external antenna) I started "iw wlan0 scan" and just after finishing "iw wlan2 scan". Result: wlan0: 3 BSSs (all with "HT capabilities") wlan2: 6 BSSs (only 1 without "HT capabilities") Edit: wlan1: 7BSSs available. iw info showing wlan0 is set txpower 17dBm and wlan2 (the crap-stick) is set to 30dBm. So i set wlan2 to 17dBm as well (iwconfig wlan2 txpower 17dBm, confirmed by info ). BUT I get to results as testet above: wlan0: 1 BSS (my own AP) again wlan2: 6 BSSs (only 1 without "HT capabilities") So any idea what's wrong with wlan0? Might the usage of wlan0 (as AP and Managed AP) be causing any Problems? I disabled the Managed AP but still the same error. To be honest: I'm clueless now. But if you need more information: let me know.. Is wlan0 broken?!
  7. Usually it should be sharing the internet by default. what is you routing table look like?
  8. Hey guys, i was checking the System Log as I saw the following entries: auth.err sshd[2499]: error: Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa_key auth.err sshd[2499]: error: Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key I recently made a fresh factory reset and update to 1.0.6. SSH into the pineapple is possible, but I wonder why the keys were not generated. Anyone else with this error message?
  9. For me the problem still exists. I'm using a USB-Pilot: The Nano takes just consumes <550mA (plus always above 5.04V) while RECON scanning (so it is not under-Powered). I only see 1 SSID (my own) + 6 "out-of-range"-APs . At the same time my Macbook Air (also the power source) finds 10 SSID (incl. my own). Further more I just realized, that using wlan1mon to scan for available Networks (WiFi Client Mode) the device finds MORE APs than my Macbook (or the Recon). Recon isn't even finding wlan0-1... Even update from 1.0.5 to 1.0.6 (and several Factory rests on 1.0.5 and a now installation of the firmware didn't change. Any solutions/Sugesstions?
  10. so you wanna say installing the firmware newly will help more than just reset all setting to initially firmware?!? I expect the factory reset (to latest firmware settings) to be a new installation of the stored firmware. Maybe Seb can clarify...
  11. You might me able the set the encryption flag on the SSID, but you won't be able to get the password from that as you do not have the 4-way-Handshake. Without it you won't be able to get any traffic. - AFAIK
  12. any suggestions how to find the discussion?!?
  13. Hey guys, what is your opinion on the following Topic: Offline Pineapples might not be associated as modern os (mobile & Laptops) check for an available internet connection. Usually this is done by checking in an webpage or file is accessible. Do you think some kind of internet-connection fake-module would be interessting? Cheers M.
  14. :-( Can't install the update (neither to SD nor internal.) After deinstall I also can't install get anymore.. :-/
  15. Hey folks, can anybody tell me why we need a landing page (@ /etc/pineapple/landingpage.php)? I mean why isn't it editing the index.php in /www/index.php? All ported modules are working with the index.php. So I don't see any benefit to route the trafic to /etc/pineapple/landingpage.php (and then into /www/) instead /www/index.php like it was in the past. Thanks.
  16. Hi cyberbitz, please check in the Module Section for Evil Portal as it is noth working correctly with PHP and some stuff like Images, as the whole module needs to be reworked an Newbi is quite busy at the moment. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/37081-evilportal/
  17. As you're using an Mac you should check the known_hosts file in the folder /Users/YOURUSERNAME/.ssh/ YOURUSERNAME is the account on your Mac. I had a similar issue after updating all the ssh-moduls from opkg ;) - Just backup the known_hosts file (like rename it). Connect to the pineapple and you're done..
  18. hmm, not quite sure but I noticed 3 Things: 1. for me the index.php (before starting RandomRoll) was not backup/restored.. Can you tell me where it should be stored to backup? 2. RandomRoll doesn't remind the checkboxes I checked before starting RR. So if I come back to the Module all Checkboxes are unchecked. Is it only for me the case? (Macbook Air - Safari & Chrome) 3. The Log doesn't show the right time (for me log is 1 hour to early - my TimeZone: GMT+1 - Might help. But anyways: I really like It. great work FoxTrot :)
  19. dude, you really need to get some of this 180° USB-Adapters to get a nice short package ;)
  20. wlan1 is close to the USB-Power-Port (Male-USB) where the Blue LED is placed - If you look at the MAC of the Nano its on the lower side. Therefore wlan0 is more far away (but close to the female port) Correct me if I'm wrong.
  21. Thanks Darren. I think you got exactly what I was talking about. Thanks for creating the suggestion ;)
  22. You can also use ICS (internet Connection Sharing) of your Nano is connected to an Laptop (there are some tutorials available here), or to your mobile. But I think wlan2 (a 3rd adapter) is the easiest way even if it'l consumes more energy (or course)
  23. Nice, Thanks Whistle Master. My Nano is quite hot after a view minute. Is there a generally known working temp (I mean the temperature it has after idk 30 Minutes online, or something.) I use an wifi-USB-dongle as wlan2 for client mode and run PineAP (more silent area). How is yours? Is it also hot, or merely warm? Thanks
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