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  1. Oh, I won't take it personally and I'm all for contrarian viewpoints. Cooper's obviously someone who knows this stuff better than me. He just came off as a bit unnecessarily rude seeing as this topic is meant for newbs and that got me wondering whether the hacker forums really weren't meant for beginners or rudimentary questions. Anyway, daily usage of Linux mint and programming basics first. Okay. Thanks
  2. So you do want to help. Good for me. Because it certainly didn't seem that way to me when you first posted a reply to this post. Least of all, it sure didn't come off as eager. Look, I don't expect everything to be handed to me roasted, sauced and peeled on a silver platter but I didn't even know to google "metasploit connect to remote meterpreter". I was googling things like "how to set up meterpreter", "how to use meterpreter on kali linux", "how do I know my payload was delivered metasploit" and the results I would get were something like these http://www.hacking-tutorial.com/hacking-tuto
  3. Well, if I came off as a presumptuous person/that indian fellow that was not my intention, I assure you. At no point did I even remotely begin to assert that I was anywhere near the level of knowledge of the users around here. I signed up on a few hacker forums online and this one seemed legit so I thought I would seek help here, as well. I didn't know that I was so out of my depth that asking a few questions (albeit they might seem like utterly stupid questions to you) could generate such contempt/annoyance/whatever that was. If I asked a question here, it would be because I had nobody to ask
  4. Will try mastering some languages first but how will that help me with metasploit ? Doesn't it run its own string of commands ? Or will that allow me to know the basics of terminal control which is universal (I presume) for these things ? And Metasploit Unleashed is cool but is there any site that gives step by step pics/instructions ? I've tried WonderHowTo.com : How To Hack Like A Pro but sometimes there seem to be missing steps. The securitytube looks very informative, thanks.
  5. I wanted to start with the "fun" stuff like kali and metasploit and ipchains and all that but thanks for the advice. I don't really know where to start, though. Do I start learning C language first ? How do I check my sessions in metasploit ? cuz the "msf> sessions" command shows no active sessions and some other sites say I have to install something called samba first ? I take it the no active sessions thing is a sign I didn't set up the payload correctly ?
  6. Hello there fellow hackers/netizens I have installed Kali Linux on Virtual Box on Windows and it's running fine. I'd like to learn more about hacking and how I can protect myself from such attacks. So to start with, I've loaded a pdf with a meterpreter reverse tcp payload on metasploit and the target has downloaded it and opened the file. How do I know if meterpreter is running in the target computer ? Is there anything I have to do on my end to start the installation ? And I can't seem to get the meterpreter> prompt no matter what I do on the terminal. Need beginner's level help if any of
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