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  1. I just upgraded back to 2.4.1, and set both filters to deny. SSID collection now works, but they are still not broadcasting.
  2. I've also experienced that, but only in 2.4 or maybe 2.4.1.
  3. I recently upgraded my firmware to the latest 2.4, and since then PineAP no longer functions. It does not capture SSIDs, and obviously it does not broadcast. I've been troubleshooting this, and I've discovered that by rolling the firmware back a few generations, it will capture SSIDs, but still not broadcast. It was only when rolled all the way back to 2.0.2 that PineAP would log SSIDs, and also broadcast. I'm assuming this can't be a hardware issue? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Hoping someone can direct me to a link that explains how to deliver internet service via the pineapple's Ethernet connection. Is this possible? I'd like to plug a network cable into my pineapple, and have it pull a DHCP IP address, then through internal routing/configuration, redistribute internet access via one of the WiFi ports. Alternatively, I guess I could plug an Ethernet cable into my laptop, then share my connection via the built in WiFi adaptor, then pick up internet via one of the pineapple's WiFi connections. ......and maybe I'm missing something here. Hoping someone can offer a little direction. Thanks, Jim
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