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  1. Ill check. Im rymunning a pentest and I caputered this hash. I assume its php ill verify. Thanks
  2. What kinda hash is this?? CxXhWKxm45W5zVHGHakt6Sn4XM7UHw0
  3. Can someone identify this hash? CxXhWKxm45W5zVHGHakt6Sn4XM7UHw0
  4. Kuroguma, I am kinda familiar with the milfare vulnerabilityid like to know if there is current info relating to that.
  5. So I got my 2 dongles and started browsing the frequencies. I notice the different modes like usb lsb and others. What do these modes do? If I change to lsb I can hear beeps pulses etc but fm there is no signal. So how do I know which mode to use and why would I use different modes? What are their purposes? I just want to get a grasp and understanding on when to switch to appropriate modes. I am curious about the frequency ranges too. What frequencies contain certain data. Im curious how to use it optimally so I can start making sense of this stuff. Any info would be great. Thanks!
  6. Got me thinking about fast track transponders for toll roads. Would be cool to decode the data. I live pretty close to a toll road may experiment when dongle comes
  7. Yes. It works. Rvdk3.sh is a script that runs with reaver to reset ap when it locks out and resets to allow pin bf
  8. I could have sworn I seen it a few days ago for $199??? Now $299? Am I trippin? Anyone know where to buy a used one?
  9. What kinda frequencies does sdr pickup? Are they rf frequencies? Is it possible to detect and possibly crack wifi? Or microwaves?
  10. http://spencerwhyte.blogspot.com/2014/03/delay-attack-jam-intercept-and-replay.html?m=1 Just seen this
  11. Is it possible to find rfid card frequencies for employee badges? Or keyfobs? And if so how to decode? Im curious if sdr can sniff nfc devices like hotel cards and nfc tap cards for subway and bus passes. Just curious. This sdr thing has me curious about tons of stuff. Maybe hackrf can be used to find binary info and transit the data unto a fob or card to clone
  12. Thank you Cooper and TNfrank. Ill try gqrx and see if its smooth. Thanks for all your help guys and bearing with me :)
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