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  1. Is there a way to join the (specific) wireless network automatically on boot? Right now, I use the web UI to open "network" and change the "client" setting to the network to connect but it clears the setting when the power is unplugged. Thanks
  2. This might be a crazy idea but I am wondering if anyone thought about this. Pagers are almost extinct nowadays but pagers services still available (as long as doctors are around). Wifi/LTE/3G/4G have many advantage over a pager service but a pager service is cheap, reliable, and signal travels far more distance. So I am wondering if anyone thought about sending data though paging service? To be clear, I am not looking send big data, maybe for sending small data, (like pinging or beacon system). Any thought or information? I think this might be a interesting project.
  3. thank you! I will look into both Bluelog and BlueZ.
  4. Is is possible to list nearby bluetooth bssid (even those are not in discover mode) using wifipineapple and some bluetooth dongle? I think this is possible using ubertooth one but I am interest getting simple bssid list not actual packet sniff. Is it even possible?
  5. I am sorry if this question has been answered before somewhere. I did look at the infusion sub-form. Although I didn't look though every post, it seems most posts are explaining how to use a specific infusion module from user interface . What I interest is how actual line by line code works inside so I can learn from it.
  6. I found the way to download source code of infusion modules from the infusion list https://wifipineapple.com/?infusions if you want to download any MK5 module, you need to manually type http://wifipineapple.com/mk5/infusions.php?infusion={module_name}-{module_version} so for example, to download MK5 dipstatus v1.0 infusion module, you need to type http://wifipineapple.com/mk5/infusions.php?infusion=dipstatus-1.0 for MK4 infusions, just need to change MK5 to MK4 from the url above. This will at least help me download any infusion source code, but I would still like to know if there is any website that explain how to create (and test) step by step.
  7. I want to create my own infusion but can't seem to find a tutorial about how to create a simple infusion module. Even if I try to learn from existing infusion modules, it seems hard to find the source code, not all can be find in github or any other source control sites. is there any site that explain; file/directory structure special (if any) functions how to test and debug and some list of examples ? Thanks
  8. Sebkinne, thank you for your respond. Would you be willing to share the code? I am very interested in the wifi monitoring and I am currently trying to learn more about it from every source I can find. I would love to learn from your code, even if the code is in early stage beta. I will also share the code if I make any modification to it. Thank you
  9. Where can I download the "experiment8021104" script that was shown in the Wifi birdhouses project shows (#1705 & #1704) ? Thanks
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