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  1. Thanks damen it did show up. I solved it by running ./wp6.sh.
  2. I can't log into the web interface on my Pineapple Nano. When I run ifconfig eth1(the Nano) no ip address shows up. eth0 (my computer) shows an ip address. I reset the Nano and have the same results. Thank you for any help.
  3. Thank you for explaining that. I appreciate the quick response.
  4. I have firmware version 1.1.3 installed on my Nano. When I go to recon it doesn't list ap only or ap+ client it only has scan settings. Was something changed?
  5. Any updates on when the gen 6 user manual will be out?
  6. I watched the Nano/Android video and Darren didn't mention that the app doesn't work with some devices. It seems like that might have been worth mentioning.
  7. I'm in the middle of set up and all went well until it got too "The Wifi Pineapple is still booting." It's been stuck there for over 20 minutes.
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